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At 10kVA a generator can handle a smaller amount of equipment. This is useful if there is no electricity in the area or there is load shedding going on. There are different options as far as fuels and brands go. One can choose based on what fuel suits them as well as which brand they prefer. Generally, this is a high-cost machine.


A 10kVa generator could run a small-sized home or office. This would be more useful if there are longer periods of no electricity which a UPS cannot handle. If the fuel is available a generator can essentially run till you need it to. There are multiple fuel options for 10kVA generators, one can pick the fuel that suits them.

One can also find generators that have a self-start switch, meaning you won't need to go outside to start the generator whenever the electricity drop from the grid. This switch can tell whenever the light is gone and will auto start the generator.

Considerations when purchasing one

Fuel options are the main concern, there are petrol, diesel and gas generators on the market. The fuel you choose is a matter of what is easily available to you or the running cost as well. Noise levels could be another reason to pick a certain fuel.

Petrol versions are not as fuel-efficient over a longer time versus a diesel option. Gas may not be a go-to as there are many areas where there are no gas lines. The advantage with gas is that it has a lower running cost and also makes a lot less noise in comparison to the other two. On the other hand, a gas generator's engine can have more issues if it is not well maintained. This means the engine oil needs to be changed on time as well as the various filters.

One can, however, find petrol and diesel generators that have padding which makes them somewhat soundproof, reducing the roar to a hum.

In the long run, a diesel generator has a better life but is not as eco friendly. The best in regard to the environmental concern in the gas generator.


A generator of this size or larger is generally a high-cost item. The gas option is a higher initial cost still. If the 10kVA option you choose has options such as self-start that might add to the cost as well.

One can pick the right one for them based on the brand they prefer and the budget they have in mind.

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The best price of 10 Kva Generator in Pakistan is Rs. 697,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 697,500.

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Jasco J-12000 10kVA Generator Rs. 697,500