150 Watt Solar Panel

Compare 9,455 prices from 119 stores.

Compare 9,455 prices from 119 stores.

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Rs. 9948 - Rs. 2000000


The 150 watt solar panel is a great small space lighting solution. You can use it to power street lights, garden lights, gazebos and off-grid solar systems. Check out 150 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan as they vary depending on the brand and type.


Popular Brands

Prominent 150 watt solar panel sellers in Pakistan include Trina, Vertex Engineering, Tesla, ZnShine etc. They sell different types of solar panels at varied prices in Pakistan.

150 Watt Solar Panel Types 

A 150 watt solar panel will produce around 12 volts and is great for solar home lighting and small scale solar inverters etc. You can buy 150 watt in monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film and bifacial types of solar panel. The best type depends on your needs and budget but monocrystalline panels have been known to last over 30 years of continuous usage. 

Weatherproof & Waterproof

Most of the brands that sell 150 watt panels ensure it to be weather sealed so that they can be permanently installed out under the open sky. This prevents weather damage from strong winds, heavy rains and hail etc. 

Maintenance & Cleaning

Since most solar panels are installed out in the open, they tend to accumulate dirt and debris over time. It is important to periodically clean your solar panels with water and soap so as to keep them up and working efficiently. Experts recommend cleaning your panels twice a year for their optimal efficacy.

The Need

Solar energy is one such natural resource that can be harnessed everywhere in the world. People can put it to use as a low cost and low maintenance solution for environmental pollution. It will also help users cut back on the cost of electricity consumption.

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Model Price
Sungrow 15 KW On-grid Solar Inverter Rs. 450,000
Intact Solar Panel Mono Crystalline 150w Rs. 14,500
Chint 15Kw On Grid Solar Inverter Rs. 325,000
Solax 15Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter Rs. 350,500
Goodwe 15Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter Rs. 420,000
Growatt 15KW On Grid Solar Inverter Rs. 325,000
SE UFO Series 150 Solar Light 150W Rs. 11,550
5 kW On-Grid Solar Package Rs. 800,000
Intact Solar Panel Mono Crystalline (150w * 2 Pcs) Rs. 29,999
5 kVA Hybrid Solar Package Rs. 1,000,000