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1Gb graphics card is an affordable upgrade for users who do not want to replace their computer with a new model. For users that want to play intensive performance gametiles such as Fortnite or execute heavy creative projects such as video editing on their personal computers (PC) can not do this on their dated integrated graphics card alone. It is recommended that they expand their graphics cards memory capabilities to handle overclocking and boost their processing speeds.

Pros & Cons


  • Higher frame rate

  • Faster processing speeds

  • Better display resolution


  • Must have SLI or Crossfire-compatible motherboard

  • Not powerful enough to achieve 4K


Introduction to Graphics Card

Graphics card can convert data into a signal that is displayed on a computer monitor or laptop screen. Microprocessors such as Intel will have an integrated graphics card that delivers fast web browsing and basic processing functions.


Gamers will be able to play gametiles such as PubG, GTA 5, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia with a good quality FPS. The 1GB graphics card will deliver relief to the main processor through its cooling mechanism. The increased processing power will allow gamers to share on-screen action in real-time with multiple players. Gamers can add real-time text, pictures and deliver fast webcam screenshots to their live stream gaming window. Gaming is a growing culture in Pakistan and users who want to upgrade and boost their laptop and desktops can buy a 1GB graphic card easily online. 

Upgrade CPC

If you can not buy an expensive GPU a good upgrade to your preinstalled graphics card is pairing it with a second card to boost the power of your computer. The Radeon R5 240 has 1GB memory that will be able to provide processing power to your graphic cards processing unit.


It is compatible with DirectCompute 5.0, DirectX 12, OpenCL and OpenGL 4.3. With 384 Cuda cores, it will enhance graphics and improve display quality. Other companies that manufacture 1GB graphic cards are Nvidia, AMD and Gigabyte that are also compatible with OpenGL and DirectX.


Computers over time can become overburdened with data, videos, applications and files making them slow and hard to use. A 1Gb graphic card will increase the RAM of the computer that will help the integrated graphics to be able to playback videos a lot faster. 


It has low noise that makes gaming and watching movies enjoyable. Graphics cards can lower the electromagnetic interference EMI experienced when data processing by 66% ensuring smooth and stable operating of the system. The 1GB graphic card's key features are the GPU Tweak that can boost clock speeds, maintain stable voltages and rapidly cool the system according to the processing needs of the computer. 

Display Resolution

It will deliver high-quality displays and safeguard the motherboard from overheating. It can playback on 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution for gaming graphics and Blu-ray movies. 

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