2tb External Hard Drive

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Compare 33 prices from 10 stores.

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Rs. 16800 - Rs. 54490


2TB is a lot of space to have access to. One could roughly store over 300,000 sogs on it, which goes to show how much storage it actually is. There are options for 2TB HDDs or SSDs, with the latter being newer technology and faster in transfer speeds. The price of a 2TB external hard drive would be high, especially if it is an SSD variant.


2TB is quite some space

It would take a lot of information or very heavy formats to fill up an external hard drive with 2TB of space. This kind of space would be able to store all the information an average person has and still have space.

This is a useful device to extend space or if one needs a backup to keep their files secure. Losing information is a horrible experience and backing it up regularly is a sensible idea.

Portable convenience

Even a 2TB external hard drive would be portable, nearly fitting into the palm of your hand. This makes it easy to store or hide in a safe space to keep your information secure.

Connectivity and speed

Most of the time an external hard drive is connected using a USB cable, but one can also find FireWire, eSATA or WiFi. The WiFi kind needs power so the WiFi connection can be established. The various connection options do affect the speed of transfer. Even within the specific ones, the rates vary; if it is a USB 4.0 versus a USB 2.0, the former would be faster.

External hard drives with WiFi have another advantage that you can use them as a personal cloud and access them from anywhere in the world as long as it is on and connected.

Other considerations

If ruggedness is a concern for outdoor use there are also 2TB external hard drives that have shockproof cases. This is ideal for wildlife photographers or others working in extreme conditions.

Another major consideration is what kind of hard drive do you want, an HDD or the faster SSD. The SSD does not have any moving parts so is able to perform its tasks faster. There is a slight risk with NAND based SSDs as over time they can lose data once the endurance cycles rate is crossed. This rate is in the tens of thousands so this is not an immediate issue.

If such an SSD's capacitors run out of electricity due to lack of use that too can cause data leaks. This would mean that you didn't connect the drive for a year or two, the timeline varies depending on brands and also storage temperatures.


Storage space is a common need and many brands produce a 2TB external hard drive. Some are unknown but the known ones include Seagate, ADATA, Samsung, LaCie and Western Digital.

The price of this storage size is high, with the SSD variant costing even more.

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The best price of 2tb External Hard Drive in Pakistan is Rs. 16,800 and the estimated average price is Rs. 24,887.

Price List

Model Price
ADATA HD680 2TB External Hard Drive Rs. 22,000
Adata HD680 2TB External Hard Drive Rs. 21,999
Seagate | Expansion - 2 TB External Hard Drive Rs. 21,900
Transcend 2tb External Hard Drive StoreJet 25M3 Rs. 23,000
Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable External Hard Drive Rs. 21,490
Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB External Hard Driv… Rs. 18,500
WD | My Passport - 2 TB External Hard Drive Rs. 22,900
ADATA HD650 External Hard Drive – 2TB – Black Rs. 18,500
Seagate Photo Drive 2TB Portable External Hard Dr… Rs. 19,999
ADATA HD680 External Hard Drive – 2TB – Blue Rs. 16,800
Seagate Black 2TB Portable External Hard Drive Rs. 18,600