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Compare 7 prices from 2 stores. The best price of 3d Led Tv in Pakistan is Rs. 70,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 296,557.


Watching movies in 3D can be a lot of fun. The 3D LED TVs are relatively more accessible now, with crisp picture quality and high contrast due to the LED's light quality. Due to the LED technology, they are a lot more energy efficient too which helps save on the electric bill. Available at many different price points depending on the size, resolution, brand and year of release.


How 3D LED TVs work

LED TVs are essentially LCD TVs with LEDs as their light source. Due to the quality of light emitted by LEDs, the image is sharper with higher contrasts. The LCD decides where the light is allowed to be shown and where it is to be blocked thus making the image we see. As LEDs can also be produced in smaller sizes this makes the LED-based TVs a lot slimmer. It is possible to make larger screens at a lesser cost as LED technology itself is cheap. The 3D bit is another layer on top of the basic build, the TV sends out 2 different images with different polarity. The glasses one wears have 2 different lenses that pick up the different images, one image has light moving from side to side and the other has light moving up and down. Once these images enter our eye, our brain combines the mages and the difference in polarity creates more depth. The TV screen is also fitted with polarising filters to manage the initial split. As the TV needs to have these filters it does bump up the cost considerably.

3D LED TVs come in many sizes and are produced by a large number of brands. The more known brands include Samsung and Sony. Prices vary depending on the size of the display, resolution and year of release. Some brands are also producing curved displays that create an even more immersive visual experience for the viewer, these ones tend to cost a substantial amount more though.

Price List

Model Price
42A6500 Changhong Ruba FHD 3D LED TV 42Inch Black Rs. 70,999
BDS-575 Harmon Kardon 3D Bluray Player Rs. 79,900
50W800B Sony Smart 3D Full LED TV 50 Inch Black Rs. 129,999
Lilliput 12.5″ 4K Monitor with 3D LUTS and HDR Rs. 135,000
HD28E Optoma 1080P Full HD 3D DLP Projector 3800 … Rs. 179,000
VPL-HW45ES Sony 3D Full HD Projector 1800 Lumens Rs. 390,999
X6700H DENON AVC Home Theatre Amplifier 8K With 3… Rs. 1,090,000
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Compare 7 prices from 2 stores.

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