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Compare 62 prices from 10 stores.

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The 3G technology helped grant access to these functions but fell short on high-quality image and clarity. 4G is the shortened term for fourth-generation wireless data transmission network used exclusively by telecom industries. It offers larger bandwidth that ensures greater speeds for mobile applications, web browsing and other device operations, such as messaging, video calling and mobile TV.



The most important feature developed over the decade on smartphones is the use of fast speed internet. People do not want to be tied to a wifi signal to be able to enjoy their favourite online content on the go. They have to commute, answer important calls, access the files and documents stored in the cloud at any given moment of the day. They have to stay updated with the news and social media for professional and personal usage.

Speed Improvement 

The faster the speed the better quality the video calling quality and clearer imaging being streamed on the mobile phone screen. The download speed becomes a matter of seconds, sending emails, voice notes, photos and files become seamless and effortless on a 4G connection. The applications in the phone can stay updated and users do not waste any time waisting to connect to a reliable wifi connection.

Users will feel independent and free from any restrictive access to the internet. The applications run faster using 4G mobile data such as online shopping, google maps, web browsing, Youtube and Netflix. 4G is about 10x faster than 3G connections ensuring users are always connected to all their social media and data.  

Compatible Phones

Most phones these days are 4G-ready. All of the latest and greatest handsets are and most of the cheaper ones too. Basically, unless you're buying a simple budget phone is when the specification should be checked to ensure it has 4G compatibility. 

Phone brands that offer 4G are Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, Vivo, Nokia, Samsung, Oppo and many others. The essential feature of both Apple and Android phones is to offer the fastest connection to mobile data allowing users to benefit from all inbuilt phone applications and features.   

Activate 4G

To check if the phone has 4G access swipe up on the home screen, go to the Settings tab and find the Network section. When going into Mobile Network there should be options to choose which data connection setting is available, in some phones, there is an Advanced option choice tap on that to see if 4G is available. 


Gaining popularity around the country the 4G services are still not spread throughout Pakistan, there are areas that still only have edge and 3g mobile internet. 

Data Sim

4G is also exclusively available as a data sim, this means that mobile networks will issue a sim that will not receive any regular calls but will only have a data package for internet use. this is a great option for those looking to run internet on their tablets and dual sim phones.

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The best price of 4g Mobile in Pakistan is Rs. 4,050 and the estimated average price is Rs. 39,506.

Price List

Model Price
Calme 4g Star Rs. 8,699
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G Rs. 59,999
itel P40 4G Rs. 23,999
itel S23 4G Rs. 30,999
ITEL it9210 4G Rs. 4,050
Samsung Galaxy A04 (4G 3GB 32GB White) - With Off… Rs. 21,699
Samsung Galaxy A04 (4G 4GB 64GB Black) With Offic… Rs. 25,899
Samsung Galaxy A04 (4G 4GB 64GB Green) With Offic… Rs. 26,799
DANY Monster 4G Lite Rs. 10,900
Samsung Galaxy A9 Mobile Phone – 4G – Display 6.3… Rs. 79,999
Samsung Galaxy A04 (4G 4GB 64GB Copper) With Offi… Rs. 25,899
Samsung Galaxy A14 (4G 6GB 128GB Silver) - With O… Rs. 44,999