4Gb Graphic Card Price in Pakistan

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The best price of 4Gb Graphic Card in Pakistan is Rs. 19,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 19,800.


Video cards are also referred to as graphics cards. 4Gb graphics cards include a processing unit, dedicated memory, a cooling mechanism and compatibility to a display device.

Pros & Cons


  • 1080p display resolution

  • Faster processing


  • Not enough for QHD and UHD gaming


Integrated vs Dedicated Graphics Cards

Integrated graphics cards are an essential component of the main processor chipset, they are built straight into all laptops and desktops to ensure fast processing speeds and perfect visuals. Dedicated graphics cards are bought additionally to enhance the operating systems speeds.


Graphics Cards have their own built-in RAM that can unburden the operating system processor by not sharing the built-in RAM. The dedicated graphics cards are available a variety of GBs from 2GB to 16GB. The variety ensures that users will be able to select a graphics card based on their individual needs. Gamers will benefit from a 4GB card to boost up the textures of their favourite AAA gametitles.


The 4GB RAM can deliver clear and detailed texture quality on Medium to High settings but it can still not achieve Ultra settings of 2048 x 2048 pixels or 4k as those require advanced GPUs. 4GB RAM will give gamers hyperrealistic perfect textures and higher framerate than their previous GPU. Gameplay will have fewer lags, reloads and better refresh rate.

Experienced gamers recommend knowing the RAM requirements of the game because at times even a larger 8GB RAM will not enhance games that are built with 4GB specs. Users will have spent the extra cash for an advanced graphics card but will not benefit from the larger RAM. 

The games available with 4GB are Far Cry 3 & 4, Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Black Ops 1 & 2, Left for Dead 1 & 2, Max Payne 1 ,2 & 3, Just cause 1, 2 & 3, Watch Dogs 1 and Battle-Field 4. 

Processing Performance

In the mid-tier range of laptops and desktops, the integrated graphics card will not be able to achieve gaming at 1080p resolution. Any machine built with a 1GB or lower graphics card will not be sufficient for intensive gameplay at high settings. A 4GB graphic card will improve your processing speeds, clock speeds and handle extensive gameplay. Upgrading to a 4GB graphic card will significantly change the performance of your gameplay. 

Types of 4GB Graphics Cards

The 4GB graphic card is available in the GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti, GeForce 210, Nvidia GT 730, Nvidia GT 710, Quadro M4000, Radeon Pro WX 4100, Radeon RX 570 and Radeon RX 460. All these graphics cards are mid-tier and entry-level graphics card units. With their help, users will be able to achieve 30 fps at ultra settings on a 1080p display. It can be boosted up to 60fps with a suitable processor chip.  

Price List

Model Price
Core i5 Gaming Pc -4GB ddr3 Ram -500GB Hard Drive… Rs. 19,800
Core i5 Gaming Pc -4GB ddr3 Ram -500GB Hard Drive… Rs. 19,800
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