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Compare 526 prices from 29 stores.

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A high-resolution TV that has very clear representation of specific content that is made with this resolution in mind. 4K TVs are made by many brands and in a lot of different sizes. The price of 4K TVs is high in comparison to the lesser resolutions.



The resolution of TVs has been improved many fold in a relatively short period. The higher the resolution the sharper the image is. At 4K resolution, the TV is crystal crisp, one can see every little detail with a very high level of clarity. Simply put the resolution of a 4K TV is four times that of the 1080p HD TVs.

4K is also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), while 1080p is simply High Definition (HD). 4K TVs have a resolution of 3840 x 2160p, in comparison 1080p consists of 1920 x 1080p. The designation of 4K refers to the near 4000 horizontal pixels. A smaller 4K TV will have better visual representation as it is packing more pixels into a smaller space in comparison to a larger TV.

The content one is watching has to be made with 4K resolution in mind, only then will it have the clarity. If the content itself is is plain HD and not UHD, it will look only as good as it is.

Other advantages with 4K TVs

Sitting at the optimum distance from a TV makes a lot of difference to the viewing experiences. For 1080p TVs this was double what is optimum for 4K TVs. Meaning you can sit closer to a 4K TV without there being pixelation, although given the high level of imagery this amount of pixels produces one can enjoy it well enough even from a distance. 

These TVs also support HDR content. Which means a lot higher levels in the contrast ratio and also in the number of colours represented.

Another consideration

OLED based 4K TVs have even more of an edge. This is due to the fact that OLED technology allows for the lighting of each pixel to be adjusted instead of an overall backlight. This makes the representation of images a lot more dynamic. It improves the contrast ratio further and has a better response time as well. 


4K TVs are expensive as it is a newer technology and OLED based 4K TVs are even more expensive than the regular LED ones.

Many of the top brands are producing variations of 4K TVs which can be Smart TVs or just regular TVs. These brands include Sony, LG, Samsung, TCL, Sharp, Changhong Ruba, EcoStar and a few others. One can choose based on the size and budget they have in mind.

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The best price of 4k Tv in Pakistan is Rs. 74,900 and the estimated average price is Rs. 308,014.

Price List

Model Price
Samsung 65" Q70T QLED Smart 4K TV Rs. 284,999
Samsung 55" Q70T QLED Smart 4K TV Rs. 199,999
Samsung 85" Q80T QLED Smart 4K TV Rs. 918,000
TCL 55″ C745 QLED 4K TV Rs. 206,700
Haier LE-65K6600 65″ Smart 4K TV Rs. 270,810
Samsung 55 Inches Frame QLED 4K TV 55LS03B Rs. 468,000
Samsung RU7400 Dynamic Crystal Colour HRD Smart 4… Rs. 229,999
Samsung RU7400 Dynamic Crystal Colour HRD Smart 4… Rs. 129,999
EcoStar 55″ CX-55UD951A+ Smart 4K TV Rs. 103,000