5 Best Air Coolers

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Compare 357 prices from 28 stores.

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Best Features - E-Lite EAC-99A Evaporative Air Cooler & Ionizer

The performance of E-Lite is high-level. Built with a honeycomb design for better efficiency, the EAC-99A has an ioniser as well. This helps filter the air out a lot more, getting rid of particles so your room has lesser dust or pollen. The design of this option is quite well done, which is something a lot of air coolers lack. It has wheels so one can easily move it about a room or position it in the right direction. There are three different fan speeds; so depending on the space and how many people are occupying it one can set the apt speed. There is also a remote control for this device that comes along with it, letting you change these settings without having to get up. With a 20 litre tank, this air cooler can easily handle a small to medium level space.


Best Rechargeable - Sogo Rechargeable Air Cooler JPN-699

Given that power outages are common in the summer and not everyone has a UPS, a rechargeable air cooler can be very useful. This option from Sogo has a tank of 8 litres which is more ideal for relatively smaller spaces. There are three fan speed options so depending on which you choose the battery time varies. For the low speed, it is up to 8 hours, the medium speed can be on for 6 hours and on the high speed, one can have cool air for 4 hours. The front has a moving grill which makes the air move around the room instead of being sent in just one direction. As this is a portable option one could take it with them for outdoor activities such as camping as well. The Sogo JPN-699 even has a remote so one can change settings without moving much.


Best High-End - HKT Super Cool Air Cooler ICON-I30

There are few brands that produce high-end air coolers, HKT is among those few. A 35-litre cooler that has a 3 sided honeycomb filter and an ionizer as well to filter your air more by helping rid it of particulates. A feature that is not so common with air coolers is the icebox that this model has. This helps drop the temperature a bit more in comparison to other options. With three fan modes and a 12-hour timer, one can choose how they want their cool air delivered to them. The Icon-130 from HKT comes with a remote so you can change the settings from your comfortable spot. This model has a powerful air throw at a capacity of 3000m3/h. This airflow can be set to swing too, sending it in different directions which helps cover more space with cool air.


Most Affordable - BOSS AIR COOLER ECM5200

Air coolers are generally priced nominally, but having an option that is probably the most affordable can be useful for people on a tight budget. The Boss ECM5200 is a 22-litre variant and has manual controls instead of a remote. This air cooler has louvre movement so the air can be sent to the various parts of the room without having to reposition it. With 3 sided honeycomb coolers so more than ample air is absorbed by the system. Boss had made the design simple and effective, with the controls right on the top and wheels so one can easily move their air cooler around. 


Best Overall - Super Asia 75 Liters Air Cooler ECM 5000

A brand that is one of the most known in Pakistan for its air coolers, Super Asia has a ton of options. One of their top picks is the ECM 5000, a 75-litre large-sized air cooler that has imported cooling pads and has a powerful copper motor. The body is made from plastic so it doesn't get rusted and also keeps one safe from shocks. The fan itself is large so one gets a serious amount of air, giving this air cooler the ability to cover a larger room well too. You can choose the speed of the fan, so depending on the room size or heat levels it can be adjusted according to your needs. This air cooler is a top value choice, balanced between the price and functionality.

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The best price of 5 Best Air Coolers in Pakistan is Rs. 2,089 and the estimated average price is Rs. 23,691.

Price List

Model Price
EASE EAF1218 Air Cooler Rs. 6,325
EASE EAF1213 Air Cooler Rs. 5,700
DeepCool AK620 CPU Air Cooler Rs. 19,200
EASE EAF1218 Air Cooler Rs. 7,000
EASE EAF1213 Air Cooler Rs. 4,600
Arctic Ultra Air Cooler Rs. 4,450
Ontel Arctic Air Ultra, Evaporative Air Cooler Rs. 3,450
Arctic Air Ultra Edition Air Cooler and Purifier Rs. 3,499
Room Air Cooler NAC-9900 Rs. 24,500