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Compare 111 prices from 12 stores.

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Rs. 24700 - Rs. 650000


Best Features - Nasgas Cooking Range EXC-334 5 burner GT

Nasgas is a local brand that makes a few different appliances, including cooking ranges. The EXC-334 is a 5 burner top and has an oven with a single door. This door is made from tempered glass as is the top covering making them a lot more safe for usage with the high temperatures of a cooking range. This cooking range has an electronic auto ignitor that is convenient for starting your burners. The finish is top quality with stainless steel as the material. The trivets are of high quality with an enamel coating so they last longer and are easier to clean. There is also a high sense double way thermostat so it can keep better track of your temperature settings. As for the pricing this cooking range is in the mid-tier.


Best High-End - Bosch 90Cm 5Burner HGI12TQ50M

Bosch is a German brand known for its high-quality products. The 5 burners on this have their own purposes, giving one the flexibility to use the correct one for their needs. One is a rapid burner, two are standard, another is an economy burner and the last is a wok burner. For extra convenience this cooking range has one-hand ignition as in the kitchen multi-tasking is a regular occurrence. On this cooking range, one even has supports for cast iron pans so they do not slide off and cause injury. The oven has multiple functions; it can be used with heat from the bottom, top and bottom, as a gas grill or as a rotisserie. There is also a light inside so one can see the progress of their dish better. It even comes with a cross support for espresso and a universal pan. The thermostat on high-end options is better and would be more ideal for baking as not all ovens have accurate temperature settings.


Best Overall - Corona 5 Burners Glass Top Cooking Range C-205SS AT

For a better value cooking range, one can opt for the Corona C-205SS AT which is also a 5 burner model. It has an oven and a hot case as well; a useful compartment for when you are preparing multiple dishes and need the food that is ready to stay warm. The oven has a max heat level of 300 degrees Celcius. One can even make use of the single rotisserie inside the oven for a spit-roast. The burners have auto ignition, making it easy to light them up; lighters and matches run out at the worst times. The price of this cooking range is in the mid ranges and the functionality is complete, with all the needed features making it a good value purchase.


Best Affordable - Corona 3 Burners Metal Top Cooking Range C47

If you are looking for a more affordable option the Corona C47 is smaller and available at a budget-friendly price. The stovetop is metal instead of glass, as a means to save on some of the cost. It features an oven that can also be used to make a spit roast with the rotisserie; the max temperature on the thermostat is 300 degrees Celcius. There is even a light inside the oven so one can see their food clearly as it cooks. This cooking range even has a hot box so food can be kept warm for serving or while the rest of the food is being prepared. A feature that this does have missing is the auto-ignition, one would need to light their burners manually if they opt for this cooking range. The built quality is good as are the basic functions, so this choice is good for a budget buyer.


Best Oven Combo - LG 90CM 5BURNER FA415RMA

A cooking range does the basic everyday work, but a good, accurate oven is hard to find with most brands especially the local ones. LG is an international brand with a very different level of quality compared to appliances made in Pakistan. The LG FA415RMA has an oven that combines a fan as well, making it a convection oven that has a better distribution of heat inside; this means the food cooks more evenly. The same oven can also be used for a spit-roast by making use of the rotisserie. Ovens are hard to clean and the door even more so; this cooking range has a glass that can easily be taken out so washing it is a quick process. Aside from the oven, the top has 5 burners so one can cook multiple dishes. Both, the hob and oven have a flame failure device as well, for safety. As far as the right choice for a good oven goes, this cooking range is the pick. It is also a slightly more pricey option given the brand.

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The best price of 5 Best Cooking Range in Pakistan is Rs. 24,700 and the estimated average price is Rs. 94,838.

Price List

Model Price
Cooking Range (Gas) CHEF’S 34 Rs. 57,000
Care Cooking Range 273 Plus Rs. 43,500
Cooking Range (Gas) CHEF’S 27 Rs. 54,300
Bosch Cooking Range HGVDA0Q50M Rs. 400,000
Cooking Range (Gas) Glamour 34′ Rs. 67,200
Cooking Range (Gas) BAKER’S 34 Rs. 66,000
Lofratelli Cooking Range OE6004HP /1X Rs. 250,000
Tecnogas Cooking Range N3X96G5VC Rs. 370,000
Welcome Cooking Range WC-1000 Rs. 58,000