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Best Features - Asus Rog 3

Asus has made the ROG 3 phone for gamers, the look gives as much away; it has features that are available on very few smartphones and also a range of accessories from the brand to aid one's gaming experience. Starting at the display as that is the main interface which gives games their oomph; Asus has given this device a refresh rate of 144Hz; this means the games are super smooth. With a Full HighDefinition display that makes use of AMOLED technology, making the graphics very clear as well. Asus has also included Game Genie and X Mode, both of which boost performance for game time. The internal components are all powerful so there is no lag with your gaming. The brands AirTriggers are a part of this smartphone, these are motion sensors on the edge of the body, so when you rotate the ROG 3 you can use your index on these extra buttons. The accessories one can purchase separately include a cooling system, controller extensions, a twin display and cases which add functions. Asus has incorporated a large 6000mAh battery so your gaming has ample time. This is truly a high-performance device for the serious mobile gamer. Asus has also furnished this device with good cameras, so users are able to take good photographs. The Asus ROG 3 phone is an expensive smartphone with all its performance power and gaming-related features.


Best High-End - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Not made specifically for gaming, but this flagship device from Samsung is so powerful that it can easily take on any of the games that are available or smartphones today. Featuring high-end specs that give the Galaxy S21 Ultra a lot of performance power. The display is also very clear at Quad HD+ and has a 120Hz refresh rate; which makes gaming clear and smooth. With a large size as well, the display comes to 6.8 inches making it a lot more fun to game on. The only slight downside is that the 5000mAh battery takes a hit at full performance. Still, with such a stellar performance it is worth it and it does feature a Game Launcher that lets you shut off notifications, change performance settings, diverting power for your gaming. This is a flagship device from Samsung and is one of their most costly options. Needless to say, the cameras and other functions on the Galaxy S21 Ultra are some of the best available in the smartphone market.


Best Overall - Xiaomi Mi Black Shark 3

Black Shark is the range of gaming smartphones from the Chinese brand Xiaomi Mi. The Black Shark 3, like its name, is an aggressive-looking device that has the feel of a gaming smartphone; when the Shark Space gaming mode is engaged via a toggle button the shark logo lights up on the rear. There are performance components in this device, with the Snapdragon 865 at the centre of this powerhouse. The display is 6.67 inches so this smartphone is large to carry. The resolution is at 2K, based on the AMOLED tech. A 90Hz refresh rate is somewhat low compared to the competition but for the money and all the other features, it is ample. The lack of refresh rate will only be felt with a few games as not many require higher rates yet. The JoyUI is layered onto Android 10 and is neat; there is an interesting feature in the Black Shark 3, a circle appears where you tap the display and stays for a while. This is helpful within games to improve accuracy with where one is tapping. In the Shark Space gaming mode, the battery performance also improves and lasts longer when gaming. Photography on this device is good too, despite this not being the main concern for a gaming smartphone. The price of this smartphone is high, but in comparison to the others on this list it is somewhat lesser, but the features make it a good value purchase.


Best Affordable - Realme 6 Pro

Smartphones that are powerful enough to handle games are generally costly to purchase as they are often made with better components so they can handle games well. For an affordable option one can look into the Realme 6 Pro, it has ample specs to take on most gaming needs. The display is a FullHD one and is 6.6 inches in size, with a refresh rate of 90Hz which means only some few games which require a higher refresh rate would get left out. The processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G and one can choose between 4GB or 8GB of RAM and the storage is at 128GB. The GPU integrated into the processor is the Andreno 618 that can handle most of the graphics for games. The camera systems are sound too, taking good images for one's memories or social media. Among this list, this smartphone is much lower on the price scale in comparison to the other options but still delivers enough performance for one's gaming need.


Best Non-Andoroid - Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Given that Apple's iPhone's have a stellar performance, it is no surprise that they can handle games easily. The iPhone 12 Pro is built with very powerful specs; it features the A14 Bionic chip, with 6GB of RAM and storage options starting at 128GB up to 512GB. The display as always is amazing too, it is the Super Retina XDR OLED with a Ful HD resolution. The iPhone 12 Pro also has access to Apple Arcade, which is an online gaming system. This and the App Store give you a lot of options to choose from. This is a pricey option with snappy performance and really good cameras as well. The rest of the AppleiPhone 12 Pro functionality is paramount too. So this would be a great smartphone that can also be used for mobile gaming.

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