Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Gas Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 9,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 32,895.


A gas geyser is essential for heating the main supply of water coming into the house. It can store the water in a durable tank placed outside the house. The heating mechanism uses a pilot system fueled by the natural gas supply creating a reliable source of heating that keeps the entire geyser hot for the whole day and night. The hot water is used for regular washing and cleaning used in the bedroom bathroom, kitchen and laundry room of the home.


Best High-End - Nasgas DEG-55 Super Deluxe Twin Water Heater

The heavy-duty Nasgas Electric & Gas Geyser can hold up to 55 gallons of water at a time. There is a 12 - 14 gauge thermostat system that consistently heats the copper pipes with special glass wool insulation that performs excellently during the winter season. The Automatic Thermostat will keep the system from overheating and ensure the longevity of the gas geyser. This is the high-end range of gas geysers that are manufactured with top quality parts which are easily replaceable with the company's own customer care services. 

Best Features - IZONE 55 GLN Supreme Gas Water Geyser

The IZONE Supreme Gas Water Geyser has both gas & electric power sources that control the thermostat system. The durable and strong outer shell can hold up to 55 gallons of water. The material used is corrosion and rust free with a galvanized inner tank for extra protection against external weather conditions. It can be placed outside the home without risking any damage to the device. It is capable of withstanding high water pressure without any damage to the components and parts. One geyser can supply a maximum of three outputs that include the 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. It had a 9-10 Gauge for thermostat control with a 15 years warranty. 

Most Affordable - Super Asia Gas And Electric Geyser 35 Gallons

Super Asia makes reliable and affordable home appliances that are built for Pakistani consumers looking for energy-saving performance. Their gas and electric geyser have an imported thermostat and IIL Galvanized Iron (GI) pipes that are corrosion and rust-resistant ensuring that can effectively work throughout the year under any climate or seasonal changes. The water tank is made from the same Galvanised Iron along with a leak-proof x-ray welding that safely reserves water. There is a red Oxide powder coating that is a protective layer on the exterior of the geyser protecting it from weather damage. The water tank can retain heat due to the imported glass wall that acts as insulation. The regular size can hold up to 35 gallons of water being able to sustain a large family throughout the day.

Best Overall - Dancare Tank Geyser 30 Gallon 10x10 Gage Gas and Electric

The Dancare Tank is a gas and electric heater with all the essential features, affordable price points and dependable performance throughout the year. It has a 30-gallon water tank that is compact and easy to install in the home. There is a 10x10 gauge that can heat the water effectively to hot temperatures even during the winter season. The key feature of the Dancare geyser is that it can be installed in high rise buildings and high altitude regions as the mechanism is designed to work on high pressure and is compatible with salty and sweet water. There are two 2000w elements inside to ensure consistent heating of the water tank making it the best overall geyser.

Best Alternative - Canon GWH-55T Classic Twin Gas & Electric Water Heater

The larger water tank can hold up to 55 gallons with a heavier gauge of 12-15 that can provide dependable heating. It has both gas and electricity functionality that is designed to consume less power increasing your savings by reducing your bills. The body is made with a steel top and inner lining on the bottom ensuring that there are no leaks and good heat retention. The Canon geyser has a special glass wool insulation that can keep the water hot even during cold winter weather. The automatic thermostat will be able to provide intelligent heating throughout the year.

Price List

Model Price
Ocean 35 Gallons Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 35G Rs. 35,000
Ocean 35 Gallons Electric and Gas Geyser Auto Sup… Rs. 39,200
Welcome WIG-6 Litre Gas Instant Geyser Rs. 14,800
NasGas DEG-35 DLX Electric and Gas Geyser Rs. 38,900
Nasgas Instant Water Heater DG-06L – Crystal Seri… Rs. 15,850
Care 35 Gallon Deluxe Gas Geyser Rs. 37,000
Rays Storage Electric & Gas Geyser 15 Gallons 15G… Rs. 31,500
Waves Gas Geyser WWHAI-35 Green Rs. 38,300
Ocean 55 Gallons Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 55G Rs. 41,400
Hanco 7 Litre Instant Water Heater 7G1 Gas Geyser Rs. 13,499
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