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Compare 703 prices from 24 stores.

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Are you looking for an inverter ac for your home or office? Air conditioners are available in various sizes suitable for smoothly removing heat from the room. Anything between 1 ton to 1.6 will be ideal for a small bedroom at home while 2-ton ac models are suitable for larger rooms. The low power consumption of inverter ac models makes them an economical investment into improving your living conditions.


Best Features: Samsung AR24NSPXBWK Wallmount Digital Inverter Air Conditioner

The Samsung AR24NSPXBWK is a wall-mounted digital inverter that will save 68% power through its Digital Inverter 8-Pole system. The thermostat will consistently maintain the temperature in the room. The inbuilt Wi-Fi control option allows users to control their AC operations with their Smart Home App. You can use your Google Home assistant to schedule operation and set up routines. The Wind-Free Cooling provides a low noise performance that does not distract you from work or other activities. 

Best Mid-Range Price: Hyundai HACMU-2418 2 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner With Official Warranty

The Hyundai DC Inverter is from the A-Series with 2 Ton cooling capacity. The model number is HACMU2418 has both heating and cooling modes that ensure you can use it all year round. The size of the AC is bigger and can quickly cool down large rooms and halls. The low power consumption performance is designed to use a minimum of 155 voltage. It has a Gold Fin for both indoor & outdoor vents that ensure the fan does not rust over time. The R410 gas has lower toxicity as compared to the previous generation of AC gas. There are auto clean, double swing and deep sleep settings to make usage easier and broader. There are 2 sides for the water outlet making it efficient and durable. The body is made with dry mould-proof plastic guaranteeing its long life. The AC can remove impurities and negative ions from the air creating a healthier environment for your whole family. 

Lowest Price Point: Orient 1.0 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner Orbit 12G Silk White

Orient Orbit 12G is a 1 Ton AC in Silk White colour. It has high-quality components including a Gold Fin Evaporator that is rust-free protecting it from any long term usage damages. The power system is DC Inverter technology that uses a low voltage operation of 150v. The R410 eco-friendly design guarantees less pollution being generated by the air conditioning. The airflow has a 4D Air Throw function that rapidly cools down the room by evening distributing cool air around the room. The Built-in Auto Clean will clear the evaporator removing any dust and odours from the environment. 

Best Low Power Consumption: EcoStar 1.5 TON 18000 BTU ES-18CR01WSA Inverter Ac

The model number ES-18CR01WSA+ is a 1.5 ton AC with ES6 Inverter technology that uses 140v that is lower than other ACs in the same price range. It has Standby, Self-Cleaning Evaporator, Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser and air purifying filters that deliver a safe and cool environment. It has a 4D range for airflow that can throw air to up to 40 feet rapidly cooling down a large space.  The unique feature of the EcoStar is that it has a Power Off Memory that maintains previously set temperature consuming less power when turned back on.  

Best Mid-Range Alternative: MZ-24KINV 2 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner With Official Warranty

The MZEE 2 ton model is available in white colour and has a brand warranty. This is a large AC that has a lower price range and is an affordable option for cooling large halls and lounges. It uses energy-saving technology of 150V and R410A gas that creates less pollution. It has Turbo Cool and Auto Restart that help deliver consistent and optimum cooling throughout the day. The T3 Design Compressor can be kept on for up to 50 hours without worrying about damaging the AC. With 70% electricity saving performance the MZEE is a great budget option on the market. 

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The best price of 5 Best Inverter Ac in Pakistan is Rs. 77,846 and the estimated average price is Rs. 193,214.

Price List

Model Price
EcoStar Floor Standing AC 2 TON (Inverter) Rs. 319,000
GREE Floor Standing AC 2 TON I-Shine (Inverter) Rs. 475,000
GREE Floor Standing 4 Ton T Fresh Inverter Rs. 699,000
Haier HSU-24HFCD Inverter Air Conditioner Rs. 219,999
TCL TAC-18T5 Inverter Air Conditioner Rs. 204,999
Haier HSU-12HJUV-DC(G) Inverter Air Conditioner Rs. 140,000
Haier Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-18HJ (G)/(S) Rs. 210,000
Haier 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner 12HFCA Rs. 123,000
Electrolux 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner 2082 Rs. 189,900