Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Microwave Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 11,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 24,735.


International Brand - Haier HMN-45110EGB

If you want a modern and sleek microwave that can handle grilling, defrosting and heating without burning through your electricity then choose the Haier Red Ribbon series that has a nominal power of 1100W. This microwave has all the essential features that include a massive 45-litre capacity to rapidly heat all your food items saving you time preparing dinner for a large family. It has a digital LCD control panel that is easy to control with several food preparation modes which include automatic selection that can intelligently prepare your food according to weight and category.

Best Value - Dawlance DW142HZP

The Dawlance DW142HZP has several cooking settings that can make preparing complex dishes simple and easy. Simply choose from the Grilling, Combination Cooking and Speedy Cooking to prepare home-cooked meals in half the time as compared to on a gas stove. The even heating technology has two kinds of Defrosting settings for automatic and timed giving you complete control over your frozen foods. There is a vegetarian, fish and meat cooking setting that can help prepare main and side dishes easily without any supervision or motoring saving you time and energy.

Most Affordable - Homage HMSO-2017 W

The local brand Homage introduced the HMSO-2017W microwave oven that is powered with only 700 Watts making it easy to operate on low voltage. The compact size of only 20 litres is ideal for students and small families looking for a simple and easy to manage microwave oven. The classic white plastic cover is durable and with a windowed door to monitor food being cooked. The microwave has 5 heat settings from low to high that can control the temperature of the cooking process. 

Stylish & Dependable - WESTPOINT 841DG 

With dependable heating technology offering 5 power levels and an extended cooking timer of 92 minutes the Westpoint 841DG is a mid-range microwave with all the key features of a premium model. It has a black and silver design with a good quality pull handle door. There is defrosting settings to thaw frozen food items. There is a sound indicator to alert you when the cooking timer is over. With a powerful system of 1450 Watts, it can grill food at 1000 Watts. There is an added child safety lock to protect children from getting injured while the microwave is running. 

Top Tier - Panasonic 27L Countertop Microwave Oven NN-CT 662MKTQ

The international brand Panasonic has a 27-litre capacity microwave with a large 315 MM heating plate inside the cabinet that is supported with consistent rotation. The wide range of cooking settings includes defrosting, grilling and has a pre-programmed cooking menu to assist in preparing vegetables, meat and fish. The premium design has floral patterns that embellish the microwave's shell making it easily integrate into your kitchen or dining room as an attractive home appliance.  

Price List

Model Price
EcoStar Microwave & Grill Oven EM-4201SDG (42 Lit… Rs. 32,600
Dawlance Microwave Oven MD-4 Black Rs. 17,200
Homage Microwave Oven 2811S Rs. 25,400
Haier Grill Microwave Oven HMN-36200 EGB Rs. 27,499
Haier Microwave Oven Rs. 24,900
Haier HGN-38100EGW 38Ltrs Microwave Oven Rs. 27,730
Enviro Microwave Oven 25 Litres ENR – 25XDG4 Rs. 19,500
Dawlance DW-132 S Microwave Oven Rs. 25,100
Westpoint WF-826 Manual with Grill Microwave Oven Rs. 19,428
Dawlance DW-388S Solo Microwave Oven 23L Rs. 25,400
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