Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

The best price of Refrigerators in Pakistan is Rs. 13,980 and estimated average price is Rs. 86,178.


Some of the best refrigerators available on Shopsy are locally assembled with the latest technologies and features ensuring the price range is affordable without compromising on premium specifications. The following are the Our Top 5 Best refrigerators in Pakistan


Most Affordable - Pel Refrigerator Glass Door 2550

When searching for the lowest price point for a standing refrigerator be sure to look at the local brand Pel that has a stylish design with a glass door made from Vinyl Coated Metal (VCM). It will be a colourful addition to your kitchen with its red or purple options. The thermostat performance is excellent due to the German imported Danfoss copper condenser and ABS interior which is a food-friendly plastic great for holding on to cool air inside the refrigerator. With low power consumption saving you money on electricity bills, it can keep food fresh for up to 100 hours without electricity ensuring that perishable produce is preserved during load shedding emergencies. 

Best Overall - Haier Side-By-Side Refrigerator HRF-622ICG

Haier has a range of specialised features to improve your daily life in the HRF-622ICG model. There are other refrigerators models available in single door, bottom freezer but the stylish french door design can accommodate a large family. This is a higher price range series with special features such as a digital control panel, ice maker and wine rack in the refrigerator doors. The digital panel makes it easy to monitor the thermostat temperature and gives you extra control over the operations of the refrigerator. This model can handle up to 26 cubic feet that can store a large number of groceries, dairy and other food items with ease. 

Best High-End - LG Side By Side

The gorgeous steel finish LG LSXC22396S is a large 22 cubic feet refrigerator with three storage unit systems. The InstaView™ feature provides easy access to locate food in the refrigerator. The Slim SpacePlus® is a sleek icemaker with a compact cabinet with a capacity of 4.5 lbs of ice at a time which is much better than previously released designs. The spacious cabinets have Door-in-Door adjustability that makes the bins customisable, smoothly gliding in and out making the entire experience a lot more flexible to your needs.

Best Features - Dawlance 91999 Chrome/Avante Refrigerator

Dawlance offers some of the best mid-range refrigerators that can accommodate a large family unit. The Dawlance 91999 are the latest in their stylish feature-packed models standing at 177 cm height and 78 cm wide dimensions which makes it 570 litres and 20 cubic feet capacity. The new series has a Vitamin Fresh Technology that generates natural sunlight simulated through its own customised light system that ensures it does not alter the Vitamin A and C levels in fruits and vegetables. The R3 series has humidity control features that ensure the longevity of your food being able to maintain ideal moisture levels inside the refrigerator container. The model has fire retardant material that makes the machine safe and secure under extreme conditions and highly accident-proof in case of a house fire. The tempered glass shelves can withstand 100 kg weight making them unbreakable and long-lasting. There is 5 Way cooling which ensures the cooling performance is increased by 30% with an Optimized Fan and  Deodorizing Filter keeping the storage unit smelling fresh. The handy side illumination LED helps locate food. If these features weren't enough it will also make sure to save your money on electricity bills using A+ Energy Inverter technology.

Best Colour Profile - Orient Crystal 500 Golden

Looking for a unique colour profile refrigerator, the pearly golden design of Orient Crystal 500 will be a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. The dreamy graphics feels premium sealed in with a glass door cover that is glossy and smooth. The shades of light to dark create a beautiful painting like exterior that will help decorate your kitchen or dining room space. Now you don't need to compromise on the design as this model has all the essential features required for a good performance refrigerator. It has 500 Liters which is 16 cubic feet enough to accommodate a family of 4 to 6 people. The fast action 18 minutes instant cooling can help preserve food for longer It has a 28-degree optimum cooling temperature. The power consumption performance is low voltage with only a 100V startup that can save Rs 12,000 annually according to Orient's official website.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Glass Door Refrigerator 11cft/311ltr 916… Rs. 87,999
Haier 10 Cu Ft/e-star Series/ Hrf-276 Ebd(deepest… Rs. 77,999
Dawlance Refrigerator 9140 Avante / 8 Cft / Pearl… Rs. 78,900
Dawlance Refrigerator Black Series 91996 H ZONE Rs. 55,000
Hyundai 14 cu ft Fridge (HRFM-2114G) Rs. 64,900
Haier HRF-216 EB Top Mount Refrigerator Rs. 69,000
PEL Aspire Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 11 cu ft (… Rs. 76,187
Gree Nevada Series Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 12… Rs. 112,219
Haier HRF-336 EPC Glass Door Refrigerator Rs. 96,000
Orient Grand 335 Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 12 C… Rs. 81,500
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