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Compare 390 prices from 18 stores.

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Washing machines aren't as simple as they were some decades ago. Today they are produced by many local as well as international brands and are available in multiple capacities, technology and features. While top loaders are easier on the back as well as on the pocket, front loaders are slightly better at washing. They are also the most energy-efficient out of the lot as they use the least amount of water.


We have rounded up some of the best washing machines in different categories that might be an interesting read for you and help make the right purchase.

1. Best Affordable: Dawlance DW-9100C Single Tub Washing Machine

The homegrown brand Dawlance is known for its affordability and excellent quality. It offers a single tub washing machine with a lifetime motor warranty. It runs on solar energy and is integrated with the Waterfall Wash function that helps dissolve the detergent and penetrate it into the fibres ensuring better stain removal. The function also helps leave little to no detergent residue and mixes the detergent properly and evenly even at low water levels. This affordable single tub washing machine comes with a powerful motor and a large tub size that allows for washing bigger items like duvets, blankets and curtains.

If you are only looking for an affordable spinner, consider Dawlance Top Load Dryer Spinner 100C1. With a 1 year warranty for parts and 10 year for the motor, the 100C1 is amongst the most budget-friendly great performing top-loading dryers in Pakistan right now. This particular machine has a rustproof and shockproof plastic body with an 

2. Best High End: Samsung WD90J6410 Combo with Inverter Technology, 9 Kg

Designed to complete a wash cycle in less than an hour, this premium washing machine by Samsung is integrated with all the bells and whistles of a high-end machine. It has a washing capacity of 9 Kg and a drying capacity of 6 Kg. The Speed Spray Technology helps wash the clothes with intense power and high speed. Equipped with Child Lock functionality and Digital Inverter Motor, this washing machine by Samsung ensures superior energy efficiency and a silent operation. The integrated Air Wash technology uses heated air along with detergent to wash and deodorizes the fabrics, leaving them thoroughly clean and fresh smelling. , Samsung WD90J6410 has a plethora of functions such as The Bubble Soak technology that is designed to target stubborn stains. Samsung backs the high price with a 10-year warranty on this washing machine and it is designed to last for more than 20 years.

3. Best Overall: Whirlpool 8 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load Fresh Care 8212

Whirlpool's fully automatic washing machines take the lead for being the best overalls. With an A+++ Energy Rating, this particular washing machine inverter model comes with an 8 Kg capacity and helps save on electricity bills and water. It is a front loader with a powerful 1400 RPM motor that gives a silent performance and a near-zero vibration. A high priced machine, the brand gives 2 years warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on the motor. Inverter technology is still new for most brands so it is one of those machines that are integrated with an IntelliSense Inverter Motor and 6th Sense SoftMove Technology. Both of these technologies help wash clothes gently and thoroughly. With the intense cleaning power of steam, no wrinkles are formed on the fabrics and they come out squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

4. Best Large Capacity: LG Front Loading Washing Machine FH299RDSU7 - 15 Kg 

LG is a leading brand in the electronics world and is known for its large capacity washing machine range. LG FH299RDSU7 is a front loading fully automatic washing machine with a capacity of 15 Kg. The brand offers a 10-year warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on the parts. The machine has a spin speed of 1200 (rpm/min). This washing machine comes without a dryer so if you are looking for a large capacity washer and dryer, consider LG FH299RDSU7 19 Kg machine. It comes with both washers and dryers and has a washing capacity of 19 Kg as well as a drying capacity of 10 Kg. 

5. Best Fully Automatic: Haier HWM 120-826 Fully Automatic Washing Machine

This top-loading washing machine is one of the best fully automatic washers out there with a washing and drying capacity of 12 Kg each. You get Soaking, Washing, Rinsing and spinning functions all in just one touch. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the motor. Ideal for medium-sized families, Haier HWM 120-826 can even wash pillow and quilts. The washing machine is based on fuzzy logic and automatically analyzes the level of grease and grime and the amount of water and detergent needed. The function also determines and changes the direction of spin according to the requirement. Haier has added a tempered glass door that is durable and scratch-resistant. The Triple Wash Function ensure thorough cleaning of fabrics as well as draining of residue detergent. 

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The best price of 5 Best Washing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 43,900 and the estimated average price is Rs. 133,307.

Price List

Model Price
Dishwasher Rs. 186,800
Samsung WA13T5260BVURT Washing Machine Rs. 199,999
Samsung WA13T5260BVURT Washing Machine Rs. 210,500
Samsung WW80J5413 Washing Machine Rs. 188,999
Samsung WW80J5413 Washing Machine Rs. 185,999
Samsung WW70J3283 Washing Machine Rs. 157,999
Samsung WA70H4000SW Washing Machine Rs. 97,500
Samsung WD80K5410OS/GU Washing Machine Rs. 255,500
LG F4J6TMPOW Washing Machine Rs. 204,999