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Compare 111 prices from 16 stores.

Compare 111 prices from 16 stores.

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Rs. 499 - Rs. 10999


Super compact and portable storage, a 64GB USB is a useful tool to have on one. It can help you move around files or keep important ones on you. There are a lot of designs to pick from as many brands produce this device. The price of a 64GB USB is in the lower ranges.



A small storage device that can hold a decent amount of information. At 64GB one could carry a few movies a lot of music or a lot of images as well. This is a useful device to keep work documents that one may need at any time. Allowing you to work from various machines if you are travelling or otherwise mobile.

Aside from working as a storage device, a USB can also be used to load a bootable program or a systems diagnostics tool.

A 64GB USB can be put onto your keychain and kept with you at all times conveniently. There are many different designs and colours you can find between all the brands.


One can find a USB in varying USB speed standards, the newer the standard the faster the transfer speeds. There are also versions that can be used with a USB Type-C port, and others that have both porting options. 

A 64GB USB is available for nominal prices and many of the known brands such as SanDisk, Kingston, Sony and HP produce them.

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The best price of 64gb Usb in Pakistan is Rs. 499 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,043.

Price List

Model Price
FASTER FU-217 High Speed 2.0 USB Flash Drive 8-64… Rs. 1,299
Kingston 64GB Usb Drive 3.0 Rs. 1,900
Sandisk 64GB Usb Drive 3.0 OTG Rs. 2,000
Sandisk 64GB Usb Drive 3.0 Ultra Fit Rs. 2,700
Usb Flash Drive 64gb Rs. 1,299
Sandisk 64GB Usb Drive 3.0 Ultra Flair Rs. 2,600
Faster USB 3.0 FU11 64GB Flash Drive Rs. 2,899
Corsair 64GB Usb Drive 3.0 Voyager Rs. 6,200
Usb 64gb Flash Drive 2.0 Otg And C Type Usb Pen D… Rs. 949