8gb Ddr3 Ram

Compare 37 prices from 3 stores.

Compare 37 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 1380 - Rs. 43999


RAM is an important part of computers, it is the memory that tackles task executions. 8GB of DDR3 RAM is a decent amount for regular users but would be less if one wanted to run heavier tasks such as modern games. This is a mid price range component.


8GB of RAM

8GB DDR3 RAM is ample RAM if your work is not related to heavy softwares or if you are not into gaming. Most computers have space for two of these chips bringing the total RAM to 16GB.

How is DDR3 different

A step up from DDR2, DDR3 is twice as fast in performance. DDR3 sends information to the CPU at 6400Mbps, while DDR2 was at 3200Mbps.

The pin formation for insertion is also different do it can only be installed in a compatible slot.


RAM chips are made by many brands, but the top production brands are Samsung, Sandisk, Kingston and Ballistix. You can choose whether you need it for a PC or a laptop, the sizes vary between the two.

The price of 8GB DDR3 RAM chips is in the mid-ranges, with some variation depending on the brand you choose.

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The best price of 8gb Ddr3 Ram in Pakistan is Rs. 1,380 and the estimated average price is Rs. 21,405.

Price List

Model Price
8gb Ddr3 Ram For Tower And Desktop Pc 1333 & 1600… Rs. 2,900
LAPTOP DDR3 8GB RAM[DDR3 8GB] Rs. 11,460
Hiksemi U1 8gb Ddr3 1600mhz Ram For Desktop Rs. 6,500
Hiksemi S1 8gb Ddr3 1600mhz Ram For Laptop Rs. 5,999
Optiplex 9020 - 23inches All-in-one System - Core… Rs. 35,500
Hp Prodesk 280g1 Tower - Core I3 4th Generation -… Rs. 18,500
Daraz Like New Laptops - Dell Latitude 5540 , Cor… Rs. 33,999
Daraz Like New Laptops - Dell Latitude E5540, Cor… Rs. 39,999
Daraz Like New Laptops - Dell Latitude 5520, Core… Rs. 27,999