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The best price of Spotlights in Pakistan is Rs. 636 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,149.


A multipurpose option for the ambience as well as task lighting, spotlights project intense light and come in all sizes and colours. If you are looking to buy one, check out spotlights prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Many people confuse floodlights with spots as both project intense light. The difference lies in their area coverage. Floodlights are used to cover very large areas like the garden, sports stadium etc while spots generally highlight a certain area with their narrow beam of light. Spots are also different from downlights as downlights are mounted in the ceiling and spots are fixed on the walls or surface areas etc.

Uses & Types

A spot bar is one of the most widely used types as it gives the versatility of focusing on multiple objects by tilting each light in whichever direction you prefer. A bar can have 2 or as many lights you want but for a small wall, a 3 light bar would suffice. They are used for both indoor and outdoor settings and help illuminate a well-defined area in a room, stage or opera halls etc. Art galleries use spotlights to illuminate paintings on the wall. For home decor, you can use them to highlight family photos on the wall, antique pieces on a shelf or to light wash an accent wall to create a beautiful ambience. They can also be used for task lighting in your bedroom. You will commonly see them illuminating specific areas and are used for:

1. Museums & Art Exhibitions

2. Stage Performances

3. Opera House

4. Interior Decor

5. Outdoor Decor

6. Boutiques

7. Bedside task lighting

Tips & Comments

To create a soft glow of warm lights, you can use spots to direct light on wooden planks on the wall. Both spots and downlights can be used together to create a soothing ambience in a bedroom. For downlights, interior decorators suggest dividing the height of your ceiling by 2 to get the perfect spacing for your lights. If the height of your ceiling is 10 feet, your downlights should be 5 inches apart. For modernistic and stylish options, check spot bars and lights from Ikea, Opple, Urban Galleria etc on our website. 

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Price List

Model Price
Solar Garden Lights Solar Outdoor Lights Solar Li… Rs. 5,999
Maahru - Unstitched 2 Piece Suit for Women & Girl… Rs. 1,449
Solar Garden Lights Solar Outdoor Lights Solar Li… Rs. 5,999
Solar Garden Lights Solar Outdoor Lights Solar Li… Rs. 8,999
Hallway Spotlight Rs. 2,999
FT LED Smart Spot Light 7W Rs. 2,057
clamp spotlight with built-in LED Rs. 8,895
NEBO Big Cryket Spot Light NE6666 Rs. 6,400
Night Owl 1080P HD Wi-Fi IP Camera With Spotlight… Rs. 16,899
Maahru - Unstitched 2 Piece Suit for Women & Girl… Rs. 1,449
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