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Compare 165 prices from 11 stores.

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An affordable brand for computer accessories. Among the range are keyboards, mouses, headsets, webcams and hubs. There are various options within each device segment, so one can pick the specific device that works for them or suits their budget.



A brand that is dedicated to computer peripherals and accessories; A4Tech was started in 1987 and is based in Taiwan. The devices mainly include keyboards, mouses, headsets, webcams and hubs.

A4Tech keyboards

With options for both wired and wireless keyboards, A4Tech covers a large range that gives you many choices. There are size variations as well, so if you need a more compact and portable option the brand has you covered. The various designs also include a Drain Hole feature which some keyboards have, this lets liquids drain out in case of spillage.

Some of the models also have pre-programmed keys which are separate from the regulars for easy access of launching specific tasks, helping you save time. These are known as 'hotkeys'. Another feature is the option for a USB port as well as a 3.5mm audio jack port, one can opt for a keyboard with these as well.

Backlit keyboards are often used by gamers as they sit in low light environments. The low ambient light helps gamers focus on the screen better. At the same time, keyboard visibility is important and if you do not have a backlit keyboard it may be hard to see what keys you are pressing. This feature makes you more aware in the dark, helping performance.

One can also opt for a slim keyboard if that is a style they prefer. The base has adjustable clips so you can change the height and angle a bit if you want. Overall the keyboards are similar, but smaller differences in the placement of the extra buttons vary quite a bit. You can choose the design that suits your workflow for optimised performance.

A4Tech mouses

Given the focus on peripherals for gaming since a long time, A4Tech has many options. There are not just under the main brand but they also have 2 more brands that cater to this segment, these are known as 'Bloody' and 'X7'. The range also includes simpler mouses that are made for everyday users and not for high-performance users.

The options include versions that have a wire and others that are wireless. The design elements are edgy and mostly black, with colour trims for a more competitive feel. Some of the simpler options have designs that are not as slick in look and feel compared to the gaming mouses. A lot of the mouses have RGB lights in them to add to the overall slick gaming vibe.

Buttons can include all the essentials and more, starting at the two main buttons, on to DPI switchers and more. The extra ones can be programmed or can be used with the preprogrammed functions too. The wheels on some models are made for 4-way navigation, making things a lot more snappy to move over.

A gaming mouse has to be the top end of the user experience as no other task requires such harsh usage. This is why certain options from A4Tech also have a counterweight set into them to balance out the movement a lot better.

A4Tech even gives the option to change the report rate for the mouse, this means the communication between the PC and mouse can be sped up or slowed down. This may seem like a small functionality but in practice, it helps tune the machines together for gaming.

The software along with one of the buttons can also allow one gesture controls, so you are using the mouse as more than just a pointer; it will execute larger tasks in lesser moves.

One can even opt for a 'silent click' mouse if they want to play at odd hours in a shared space. Although a mouse may not be as satisfying to use without the clicking.

A4Tech audio

For this segment, the brand has a variety of wired earbuds and wired headphones. The earbuds are built with inline mics and have a 3.5mm audio jack for connectivity. The headphones have more variety, with options that have an over-head band or the behind-the-head band as well. Some options have a volume dial on the earcup, making it easy to adjust the levels quickly.

With some of the headphones, there are two jacks, both as 3.5mm ones but one is for the audio while the other is for the mic. The headphones generally have mini-boom mics, which are more clear for people who may be using these to take customer service calls or using them while gaming. There are also options which have multiple kinds of ear cushions and some which are washable too.

Tangle-free cables are also a feature that is part of some of these options, making for a convenient little addition.

A4Tech webcams

A4Tech has divided its webcams based on video quality. Starting at 5MP, onto 16MP, further, there are the 720p HD options and the top tear is the 1080p FHD range. A4Tech has an anti-glare coating that helps the webcams perform better by removing reflections.

With the more high-end options, the webcams undertake multisampling so the compound quality is better, this is similar to what HDR is.

These webcams have mic built into them so users can easily take part in video calls. The devices ar also plug and play, making it super easy to connect even for technically challenged people. 

Some of the A4Tech webcams can be turned around a full 360 degrees which can be a useful feature. One wouldn't need to unclip the webcam and move it around, just swivel it to point in the correct direction.

Other items by A4Tech

The rest by the brand is the option for USB hubs, a microphone and an option for a laser presentation pen. The hubs can help you connect more devices in case you need more USB ports for peripherals or media devices. The microphone from A4Tech is useful if your computer's mic is damaged or there isn't a mic to begin with. The stick-like mic can be placed closer as well so you won't need to hunch over.

The laser presentation pen is useful for professors and work-related presentations. One can move ahead in the slide structure or use the laser to point at the relevant information they are talking about in the moment.


Overall the A4Tech brand is in the accessible price range. Their devices are decent quality and with some care could last a long time. They are also behind the gaming peripheral brand 'Bloody' and 'X7'.

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The best price of A4tech Pakistan in Pakistan is Rs. 3,790 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,840.

Price List

Model Price
A4tech Stereo Headset... Rs. 6,520
A4Tech FB35CS –... Rs. 4,490
A4Tech FGS1110Q 2.4G Compact Desktop Set Rs. 5,400
A4tech (FBX50C Bluetooth 24G Wireless Keyboard - … Rs. 5,999
A4Tech FH200i Headphone Rs. 4,299
A4tech (FBX50C Bluetooth 24G Wireless Keyboard - … Rs. 5,999
A4Tech FG1010S 2.4G Wireless Desktop Set Rs. 4,749
A4Tech (FBX51C USB Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - … Rs. 5,339
A4Tech FH200U Headphone Rs. 4,799