A4tech Bloody Mouse

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Compare 21 prices from 4 stores.

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Rs. 3399 - Rs. 6500


Bloody belongs to the known peripheral brand A4Tech, this is the moniker under which gaming devices are marketed. The mouses from this range are well designed and full of features that allow users to customise them. The pricing is competitive making them an affordable option.


Bloody by A4Tech is about the gaming life, they produce many different devices made specifically for gamers. This brand produces keyboards, mouses, headphones and mouse pads. Bloody's products have a tactical-ops feel with edgy designs which are mostly in black, with a few that have options in white too. Some have a hint of colour, which is often red.

A4Tech Bloody mouses

The mouse options include wired and wireless devices, this lets one choose based on their specific gaming or work station. Their various mouse models also have RGB lights that add to one's gaming environment.

Designs vary and the different options have a different number of buttons that one can use. The basics are the two main clickers, the wheel and DPI  switching buttons. The DPI switching is very useful for people who specifically like First Person Shooter games. 

A4Tech has made them in a manner that the Bloody mouse range has options for profiles to be saved. So one can set the buttons how they want to use them and later recall. There are also options to set gesture controls that are customised. This kind of personalisation helps players to tweak their gaming performance to optimum comfort.

Such options are what gamers are looking for. These kinds of devices are also used by people who have larger scale work such as editing video because the same options help them execute tasks faster as well.


The mouses from Bloody come with a software which is easy to use and is the tool through which one chooses how they want to customise their device.

For the quality that A4Tech Bloody range has, their prices are competitive.


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The best price of A4tech Bloody Mouse in Pakistan is Rs. 3,399 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,503.

Price List

Model Price
A4tech Bloody Mouse J95s Rs. 5,999
A4tech Bloody ES7 RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,399
A4tech Bloody RGB ESPORTS GAMING MOUSE ES7 Rs. 4,499
A4tech Bloody W70 Max RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 5,799
A4Tech Bloody ES7 RGB Esports Gaming Mouse Rs. 4,500
A4tech Bloody X5 Max - Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,750
A4Tech Bloody L65 Max Lightweight Gaming Mouse Rs. 5,900
A4Tech Bloody V8M Max | RGB Optical Gaming Mouse Rs. 5,500
A4Tech Bloody W70 Max RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 6,500
A4tech Bloody V8M - XGlide Ulta Core 3 Gaming Mou… Rs. 4,500
A4Tech Bloody A60 Light Strike Neon Gaming Mouse Rs. 6,500
A4tech Bloody W95 Max Extra RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 5,899