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The best price of A4Tech Keyboard in Pakistan is Rs. 1,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,506.


The most used computer peripheral after the mouse is the keyboard. A4Tech, a Taiwanese computer peripheral company has both wireless as well as wired options of good quality and durable keyboard that are compatible with every computer. If you are looking for an A4Tech keyboard, look no further as Shopsy has an entire list of all kinds of keyboards by the manufacturer. A4tech keyboard is one of the best options you can find and the manufacturer sells all types of keyboards at affordable prices in Pakistan. Read on for other useful information such as the top 2 gaming keyboards by the brand.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable

  • Great design

  • Great build quality

  • One-touch hotkeys

  • Soft yet sturdy keys

  • Laser inscribed keys

  • Slim keycap structure

  • Backlit keyboard also available

  • Wired, Wireless & Gaming options available


  • Some wired variety comes with rigid wires


Top 2 Gaming A4Tech Keyboards

While A4Tech keyboards feature wired and wireless variety, the highlight of the company is their gaming keyboards. The "Bloody Gaming" brand was launched by A4Tech in 2011 as a PC gaming range that consists of all necessary gaming gear. Keyboards in this category are sturdy and high-quality gaming devices that come with multiple features. Let's look at the best 2 gaming keyboards and their characteristics.

1.  Bloody B540 Mechanical & illuminated A4tech Keyboard

The B540 keyboard uses a unique auto and turbo key set up. The mechanical keys feature an ample travel distance and produce low noise owing to the silicone ring keycaps. One of the best things about this keyboards is the illuminated keys that feature a soft and cool blue light. As compared to the rivalling keyboards, this one comes with an extreme 1ms key response which is higher than any of its contemporaries. Regular gaming keyboards usually require 18ms to send a signal to a computer. 

2. Bloody B2100 (V9C mouse + B210 Keyboard) 

The B2100 is an advanced precision gaming gear that includes both a keyboard and a mouse. This A4tech keyboard has a strong and durable electronic sealed body that features a water-drain hole. Lifting the keyboard is easy because of the anti-slippery silicon build that also prevents it from vibrating or moving during game sessions. With a 1000 Hz full report rate, the keyboard delivers faster feedback than any of its rivalling brands.

About A4Tech

A Taiwanese electronics and computer hardware company, A4Tech was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan. It produces high quality and affordable products that mainly include computer peripherals such as mice, keyboards, mice, hubs, PC cameras, speakers, headsets, and gaming devices.

Price List

Model Price
A4TECH 2.4G Vtrack Usb Mouse And Wireless Keyboar… Rs. 5,750
A4TECH Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set 3100Ns / si… Rs. 4,545
A4TECH 2.4G Vtrack Usb Mouse And Wireless Keyboar… Rs. 5,750
A4Tech FBK25 Bluetooth and 2.4G Wireless Keyboard… Rs. 3,552
A4TECH Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set 6300F (Black) Rs. 3,599
A4tech KR-92 Keyboard Price in Pakistan Rs. 2,150
A4Tech FG1012 2.4G Wireless Keyboard&Mouse Combo Rs. 4,799
A4Tech G3-200NS Black Silent Mouse Rs. 1,650
A4tech Fstyler FX51 Scissor Switch Compact Wired … Rs. 3,990
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