A4Tech Mouse Price in Pakistan

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The best price of A4Tech Mouse in Pakistan is Rs. 552 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,408.


A4Tech has both wireless as well as wired options of good quality and durable mice that are compatible with every computer. If you are looking for an A4Tech mouse, look no further as Shopsy has a list of all mice by the manufacturer. A4tech mouse is one of the best options you can find and the manufacturer sells all types of mice at affordable prices in Pakistan. Read on for other useful information such as tips on how to buy the best mouse online.

Pros & Cons


  • Great grip

  • Affordable

  • Ergonomical

  • Good quality

  • Great designs

  • Laser as well as optical mice

  • A wide array of options available


  • Some wired mice have rigid wires

  • Like with any other mouse, extended usage may result in Carpal Tunnel syndrome


Gaming A4Tech Mouse

A4Tech launched a PC gaming brand called Bloody Gaming in 2011. The brand has a wide range of gaming gear, fast and accurate mouse being one of them. Users have a wide array of options to choose from gaming mice that deliver pinpoint precision owing to the fast gaming engine.  

Wired A4Tech Mouse - Laser vs Optical

A4Tech features a good variety of wired laser as well as wired optical mice. Both are great in terms of speed, accuracy and fluidity. Which one is better is a matter of personal choice but a general perception is that laser mice are faster and accurate than their optical counterparts. Optical mice need a mouse pad or a non-glossy surface to work on while a laser A4Tech mouse will function on any surface.

Wireless A4Tech Mouse - Bluetooth Vs Radio Frequency 

Wireless A4Tech mouse is available in two varieties; Bluetooth and Radio Frequency. Both work well with all types of devices and the only difference lies in the way they connect to the computer. Radio Frequency wireless A4Tech mouse comes with a USB dongle to connect while Bluetooth mice don't require a dongle and connect to the built-in Bluetooth receiver in modern computers. 

Mouse Buying Tips

1. Laser mice work better than the optical variety.

2. Higher DPI does not always mean higher accuracy.

3. Look for the gaming mice variety that has adjustable DPI.

4. For gaming mice, look for the ones that have removable weights.

5. Go for an ergonomic mouse that's designed to reduce muscle strain.

6. Bluetooth mice are better than the radio-frequency ones that come with a USB dongle. 

Price List

Model Price
A4 Tech Mouse Rs. 999
A4 Tech Usb 4 Button Light Mouse For Computer or … Rs. 1,199
A4TECH OP-620D Usb Optical 2X Click Mouse(Orignal) Rs. 1,390
A4TECH G3-280NS Wireless Mouse-Black Rs. 1,599
A4tech N 300 Mouse Rs. 1,030
A4Tech OP-620D - Wired Optical Mouse Rs. 1,250
A4 Tech FG10S 2.4G Silent Optical Wireless Mouse Rs. 1,782
A4Tech G3-220N 2.4G Optical Wireless Mouse Rs. 1,400
A4TECH OP-620D Usb Optical 2X Click Mouse(Orignal) Rs. 1,390
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