A4Tech Webcam Price in Pakistan

The best price of A4Tech Webcam in Pakistan is Rs. 2,399 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,226.


For people who like to video chat with their loved ones or post videos on social media know the worth of a high-quality webcam. A webcam is a small camera that is attached to your computer for recording a video, taking pictures or a real-time video call over the Internet. With so many options out there, A4Tech is amongst the most popular brands in Pakistan when it comes to quality audio and video devices. Though the best webcam depends on your budget and specifications, there are a few things that determine the quality and worth of a webcam. Shopsy presents to you some pointers on what to look for in a webcam and a list of all models of A4Tech webcams being sold online at varied prices in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • Fairly priced

  • Good built quality

  • Good picture quality of 1080p webcams


  • The resolution could be improved¬†

  • Webcams under 1080p are just average


A4Tech webcams come in 5MP, 8MP, 16MP, and HD 1080p options. The following are some of the most affordable and some high-quality webcams by the manufacturer that you can find online.

Affordable A4Tech Webcams

The affordable A4Tech webcam variety features 5MP, 8MP and 16MP video resolutions. Some of the notable models in this category are PK 335E, Anti-glare PK-635G, Mini PK-836F, Driver-free PK-636K webcams etc

High-Quality A4Tech Webcams

A4Tech webcams that feature great quality and high resolution are more expensive than the regular ones by the manufacturer. A few of the high-quality A4Tech webcams are PK-920H and PK930 1080p Full-HD webcams. They offer a good low light performance as well as sharp image quality. These webcams come with a built-in microphone that is integrated with noise-cancelling technology.

Webcam Buying Tips

1. Check for the megapixels as the minimum resolution for standard video should at least be 640 pixels by 480 pixels.

2. For optimal picture quality look for HD webcams with minimum 1,600 pixels by 1,200 pixels. 

3. A minimum of 30 frames per second rate is considered good. Anything lower than that would deliver out of sync audio and choppy video. 

4. If you are interested in making videos only then your focus should be on a webcam design that includes pan, zoom and tilt capabilities.

5. If your focus is mainly audio, then go for the webcam variety that features a built-in microphone or a headset. 

6. For nighttime webcam users, low light sensitive webcams are the best bet.

Price List

Model Price
A4Tech PK-910P 720p HD Webcam Rs. 6,401
A4Tech Webcam (PK-810G) Rs. 3,256
A4tech PK-710G Anti-glare Webcam Rs. 4,721
A4tech PK 970H Webcam Rs. 2,399
A4tech PK-635G Anti-glare Webcam Rs. 4,217
A4Tech Anti-Glare Webcam Grey (PK-710G) Rs. 3,149
A4Tech 16.0 Mega Pixel Anti-Glare Web Cam Pk-710G Rs. 3,099
A4Tech Anti-Glare Webcam (PK-710G) Rs. 5,399
A4Tech Anti-Glare Webcam (PK-635G) Rs. 5,399
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