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Aab e Hayat (Elixir of Life) written by Umera Ahmed is a sequel to the iconic Peer e Kamil and was published in 2017. The best-seller Peer e Kamil was published in 2003 and it revolves around the lives of Salar Sikandar and Imama Hashim. The novel entails their journey towards transformation and choosing the righteous path. They get married and the novel was paused to later come with a sequel that would entail the rest of the story. Peer e Kamil transformed many lives and people anxiously waited for the sequel that finally got published in 2017. Buy the sequel, Aab e Hayat novel online at best prices in Pakistan. You can also read or download Aab e Hayat in pdf format from various websites.


Aab e Hayat Novel (Sequel to Peer e Kamil)

It is the sequel that revolves around the life of the married couple Salar and Imama, the problems they face as a couple and the trials they overcome as individuals. In Aab e Hayat novel, Umera Ahmed describes the several stages in an individual's life through the examples of Salar and Imama.

According to Umera Ahmed, every person goes through different stages in life that include happiness, sorrow, gratification, trials etc. She conveys to the readers that the crux of success and eternal happiness doesn't lie in worldly things or materialistic desires.

The real Aab e Hayat or elixir of life is hidden in attaining the love of Allah and staying steadfast on the righteous path. As compared to Peer e Kamil, the sequel is considered equally good and has helped transform many lives. 

About the Author

Umera Ahmed is a renowned Pakistani screenwriter and author who has written several novels and screenplays in Urdu. A visionary writer, Umera Ahmed's novels have been adapted into screenplays that have garnered huge recognition and popularity. Though she started writing at an early age, her most noteworthy work came in 2003 when she penned Peer-e-Kamil (The Perfect Mentor).

The novel was published in one of the leading magazines in Pakistan, Shuaa Digest from July 2003 to February 2004. It made her a household name in Pakistan and became the best selling novel overnight. 


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