Aardee Juicer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Aardee Juicer in Pakistan is Rs. 5,299 and estimated average price is Rs. 11,254.


If you want to prepare juice from fruits and vegetables for a better health lifestyle, an Aardee Juicer can help you. There are different options from Aardee, one can choose based on their budget or needs.


An Aardee Juicer could be used to add juices to your lifestyle. There are smaller models that would work better if you have lesser people at home and a larger one that could work for bigger families or even in commercial kitchens.

One can juice any kind of fruit or vegetable, even mix the two if you are looking for a healthier option. Especially given juices have higher doses of sugar that are absorbed faster due to their form.

The Aardee Juicers have transparent bits so one can see what is going on. The feet are rubber so your juicer sits well on the counter. There are also different speed options which affect the processing, slower speeds do a softer processing.

The overall functional design is simple and one can open the juicer up with ease so they can clean the parts that need to be cleaned.

Price List

Model Price
Aardee 4 Speeds Juicer Blender and Grinder ARFB-1… Rs. 12,450
Aardee Juice Extractor 400 Rs. 7,400
Aardee 4 Speeds Juicer Blender and Grinder ARFB-1… Rs. 12,450
Aardee Juicer - 400 Rs. 6,499
Aardee Blender And Grinder ARFB-1000G 400W Rs. 7,599
Aardee ARFB 1288G Blender with grinder 400W Rs. 11,729
Aardee Citrus Juicer ARCJ-032 Rs. 5,299
Aardee Juice Extractor 400 Rs. 7,400
Aardee (ARJE-400) Juice Extractor 400W Rs. 15,113
Aardee 4-In-1 Juicer With Blender ARFPBG-419SS Rs. 17,899
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