Aardee Kettle

Compare 16 prices from 5 stores.

Compare 16 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 6500 - Rs. 15999


Aardee kettles are a reliable choice for your daily hot beverage rituals. Their affordability, diverse range and safety features position them as suitable options for budget-conscious consumers.


Diverse Range

Aardee showcases a range of kettles, ensuring there's a fit for various preferences and budgets. Whether you are a solo sipper preferring a sleek 1.2L ceramic wonder or a household host in need of a powerful 1.7L stainless steel titan, Aardee has you covered.

Safety First

Prioritizing safety, most Aardee kettles come equipped with features like automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection, and cool-touch handles.

These features not only enhance safety but also provide peace of mind while your kettle handles its boiling duties.

Heating Options

Catering to diverse preferences, Aardee offers both traditional and modern heating options. You can choose from classic stovetop models to cordless versions with 360-degree bases.

Some models even feature variable temperature settings, catering to those who appreciate precise tea brewing.

Unique Flair

While not aiming to revolutionize the kettle market, Aardee kettles stand out with their affordability and emphasis on local materials.

Models like the 1.2L ceramic kettle showcase a stylish and practical design, appealing to those who value aesthetics alongside functionality.


Aardee kettles, such as the 1.5L tea maker, go beyond basic functionality. They incorporate bonus features like detachable infusers, adding versatility for tea enthusiasts.

This extends their utility beyond simple water boiling, catering to a broader audience.

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The best price of Aardee Kettle in Pakistan is Rs. 6,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 10,688.

Price List

Model Price
Aardee (ARKT-2775SS) 1.7L Cordless Kettle Rs. 10,563
Aardee (ARKT-1522S) Stone Cordless Kettle Rs. 15,845
Aardee (ARKT-2112F) 1.2L Ceramic Kettle Floral Rs. 14,073
Aardee (ARKT1225SS) 1.2L Stone Cordless Kettle Wh… Rs. 14,513
Aardee ARKT-2700SS 1.7 Ltr Cordless Kettle Rs. 9,913
Aardee (ARKT-2112C) Kettle White with design Cera… Rs. 14,073
Aardee (ARKT-2500TM) 1.5L Tea Maker Rs. 14,463
AG-4055 – DELUXE KETTLE Rs. 6,630
KORKMAZ Double Kettle with Pot Rs. 10,500
Anex AG-4042 Two Colors Kettle Rs. 7,740
Kettle Design 0003 Rs. 6,500
Anex AG-4042 Kettle (2 colors) Rs. 9,603