Aardee Meat Grinder Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Aardee Meat Grinder in Pakistan is Rs. 19,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 24,515.


A convenient way to mince your meat is to use the Aardee Meat Grinder. This would allow you to have fresh mince with the exact kind of mince you want in terms of grind and fat content as well.


The Aardee Meat Grinder makes mince meat in minutes. The brand has options for more or less power and one can choose based on what their needs are.

Having a meat grinder allows you to prepare fresh, clean mince at home. You can also choose how thick or fine you want your mince meat to be. For burgers you could get the exact mix of fat and lean meat so your patties are just right.

In design and function, the Aardee Meat Grinders are the same as most other meat grinders. There is a small feeding tray on top and one has a small feeding stick they can use to get the meat into the tube leading to the grinder.

The meat grinders from Aardee also come with sausage feeding horns so you could make your own sausages at home with ease. In case there is a jam, one can engage the reverse function to free up the grinder.

Price List

Model Price
Aardee Meat Grinder ARMG-1200 Rs. 19,000
Aardee (ARMG-1200) Electric Meat Grinder Rs. 30,030
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