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ACs are needed in most parts of Pakistan as it is a warm country, especially in the humid season. Some places are near unliveable in the summer without an AC. ACs are available in many different power ranges and with a host of varied features. In Pakistan, the brand range is also diverse, with a lot of locally produced ACs in the market too. Which AC you choose is a matter of budget, size of the space that needs cooling and which features you absolutely must-have in your AC.


ACs in Pakistan

In a hot country like Pakistan having an AC is a blessing. There are a wide range of ACs available, some locally produced and other imported. The local production quality is actually good, a lot of people use the local makes. These are also more economical to buy, the running cost isn't very different than imported units. The build quality is naturally somewhat different, in comparison the materials used in imported ACs are better. An advantage with local brands is their on-ground presence is stronger, understanding of the local market and possible advantages with aftermarket services. 


The tonnage is a remnant of a time long past when people used ice to keep their homes and buildings cool. One ton is equal to the amount of heat it would take to melt one ton of ice in a 24-hour period. If the ice melts uniformly over the 24 hours, it absorbs heat at the rate of 286,000 BTUs / 24 hrs = 11,917 BTU/hr. In line with that, today a 1 ton AC is rounded off at 12,000 BTUs, this gives you an idea of how much heat the AC can remove from the space in an hour. The tonnage can vary from 1 to 4 ton, usually, a 4 ton AC is a stanging unit. 

Features of ACs

With the new age of connectivity, AC units come with the ability to be connected to the WiFi, this allows the user to turn it on or set the temperature and change other settings from their smartphone. One could turn on the AC before they got home so the room is cooled before one enters. The apps also give you an idea of how much it is costing you to run your AC, giving one a better view in case they want to save money on the bill. A lot of ACs today are fitted with eco-friendly gas known as 'R410', this is important in a time when the environmental damage is past its tipping point. ACs also come with the ability to function in conditions of low voltage, this fluctuation is very possible in Pakistan and having a unit that can handle it would help from long term internal damage. Different models and brands have fan settings that can range from a few feet to a massive 50-foot air throw and more fancy 3D and 4D air throws. For humidity a lot of the brands are using Gold Fin or Blue Fin condensers depending on the area the AC is going to be installed in, some do a combination of both. The removal of humidity helps with cooling and comfort. Units also have anti-rust materials so they don't deteriorate over time, especially the outdoor unit which will face harsh weather conditions. A commonly used technology is the inverter technology, this regulates the speed of the compressor. By doing this it is able to slow down the compressor if there is no need for it to be at top speeds, thus saving electricity.

There is a long list of brands that make ACs or imported brands that are available in Pakistan, the more well-known brands in the market include Mitsubishi, Orient, Gree, Enviro, Pel, Samsung, Panasonic, Kenwood, Dawlance, Changhong Ruba, Carrier, Haier and Electrolux. Which brand one chooses to purchase is a matter of the features you require and more importantly the budget you have in mind.

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The best price of Ac in Pakistan is Rs. 26,696 and the estimated average price is Rs. 219,893.

Price List

Model Price
GREE Split AC 1 TON (Inverter)- Fairy Series Rs. 161,900
GREE Split AC 1 TON Fairy (Inverter) Rs. 170,900
GREE Split Ac 1.5 TON (Inverter) Fairy Series Rs. 201,900
GREE Split AC 1.5 TON FAIRY (Inverter) Rs. 224,900
GREE Split AC 1.5 TON FAIRY (Inverter) Rs. 224,900
GREE Split AC 1 TON Fairy Series (Inverter) Rs. 158,900
GREE Split AC 1.5 TON Fairy Series (Inverter) Rs. 198,900
Hyundai DC Inverter AC Breeze 1 Ton (HAC-12KBZ) Rs. 149,900
GREE Split AC 1.5 TON Fairy Series (Inverter) Rs. 224,900
EcoStar Floor Standing AC 2 TON (Inverter) Rs. 319,000
GREE Split AC 1 TON Pular Series (Inverter) Rs. 140,500