Accuchek Glucometer

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.


Rs. 4483 - Rs. 9600


Accuchek Glucometer is a medical device used by diabetic patients that need to track blood sugar levels in the body.


Accuchek Glucometer is affordable and easy to operate for elderly patients as the mechanism is simple using disposable test strips that can be bought separately. The display is purposely kept large and readable with a backlight to further highlight the reading. By placing the test strip under the spotlight for an accurate reading in case you are using the device in low light settings.

The dosing area is wide and the strip ejector smoothly releases after the reading is done keeping the device safe from germs or contamination. Results are given in 5 seconds making the device a convenient addition to your overall medical care routine. It can store 90-day averages and up to 720 test results requiring no complex coding. The smartphone compatibility in the latest Accucheck Gluco devices makes it simple to keep an accurate record of your medical history. 

With the Accucheck Glucometer, you can start identifying blood glucose patterns and easily start managing your diabetes. The smartphone application uses Bluetooth technology to transfer test records, meal times and offers an estimated haemoglobin A1C reading directly to the smartphone. Reminders can be set to ensure that you do not forget to track your blood sugar throughout the week. 

The device is powered using replaceable batteries. The test is done by puncturing a small pin into a fresh capillary on the finger and placing the droplet of blood on the test strip. 

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The best price of Accuchek Glucometer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,483.85 and the estimated average price is Rs. 6,362.

Price List

Model Price
Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Rs. 4,483.85
Accu-Chek Instant Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Rs. 5,002.50