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Compare 16 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 193000 - Rs. 785000


The gaming line from Acer is built under the Acer Predator badge. These laptops are built with top materials and with components that are from a higher performance category. Putting together machines that are not just designed well but can also take on heavy games and still run smooth, giving gamers a neat experience of their digital competition. Keeping a model in the starting range of gaming laptops and the rest at a higher price point, Acer Predator has maintained a reputation in the gaming arena for over a decade.


Acer Predator

One of the largest brands in the personal computer market, Acer also has a wing that deals specifically with gaming laptops. In 2008 Acer started with a line of gaming desktops under the Acer Aspire Predator badge, later changing the name to Acer Predator. The Acer Predator range has a series of laptops that are built with higher-end components combined with more powerful specs to produce machines that can take on complex, heavy games. 

The line

The tops have the jagged Acer Predator logo with some lights to accent the form. The design form of the Predator laptop line is a little angular making it look like a machine ready for digital battle. Coming with DDR4 RAM chips and SSD drives for top-notch speed abilities. The graphics cards are from the Nvidia family, namely the GTX Series which is a known name in the gaming world. Some of the variants have 'cool' features like a flippable screen or the keyboard that slides to reveal the cooling systems inside the laptop. These features may not figure into one's gaming but are sure interesting. Acer Predator laptops are pushing ideas that others aren't and that is definitely something to watch out for. 

The Acer Predator laptop line has very expensive machines but at the same time, they have a laptop for beginning level gamers to be able to afford. This price point while still high in comparison to regular laptops is at the lower end for gaming laptops. The Acer Predator series is built with high-grade material and a strong chassis, for a long-lasting machine. The one complain that is generally common among gaming laptops including Acer Predator Laptops are the batteries, they don't last as long as users would like.

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The best price of Acer Predator Laptop in Pakistan is Rs. 193,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 414,025.

Price List

Model Price
ACER Predator Helios Neo Gaming Laptop Rs. 398,500
ACER Predator Helios Neo Gaming Laptop Rs. 442,900
ACER Predator Helios Neo Gaming Laptop Rs. 750,500
ASUS Creator Laptop Q Q530VJ Rs. 324,500
Acer Predator - Helios 300 Rs. 299,500
Acer Predator Triton Ci7 9th 32GB 2TB 15.6 Win10 … Rs. 406,500
Acer Predator Helios Ci7 8th 16GB 512GB 15.6 Win1… Rs. 193,000
Acer Predator Helios Ci7 10th 16GB 512GB 15.6 Win… Rs. 260,000
Acer Predator Helios Neo 16 16" Core i7 13th Gen … Rs. 404,999
Acer Predator Helios Neo 16 16" Core i7 13th Gen … Rs. 374,999
Acer Predator Helios Neo 16 Raptor Lake i7-13700H… Rs. 429,999
Acer Predator Helios 16 PH16-71-96F6 Gaming Noteb… Rs. 785,000