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The best price of Acrylic Paint in Pakistan is Rs. 199 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,140.


A commonly used form of paint in the art world. Acrylic paint dries fast and once dry is hard to take off in comparison to other paints. The price of acrylic paints depends mostly on the brand and some specific special colours can be a higher price.


Acrylic Paint

A fast-drying paint made from pigment that is suspended in an acrylic polymer. A synthetic form of paint that was developed quickly after acrylic resin came about. The acrylic resin was invented by Otto Rohm. One can find individual colour tubes that are larger or a set that will have a range of colours in smaller tubes.

Watercolour and oil-based paint have limitations as to their binding ability, acrylic paint, on the other hand, can bind to a lot more varied surfaces. Once it dries it is similar to a layer of plastic, which is why it is also commonly used in the grattage technique. This technique involves scratching and peeling paint from a surface, and given what acrylic paint sets like, it is ideal for this.

Useful Tips

Depending on how much water one has added to their acrylic paint it can end up looking like watercolour, gouache and even an oil painting or have its own characteristics, unlike other mediums. Once acrylic paint dries it cannot be re-solubilised like watercolour.

Acrylic paint can be used as a wash if one adds more water to it or in thicker blobs with less water that provide texture to the work. This latter technique gives the work more of a rich and glossy appearance unless one is using a matting agent. Matt finish acrylics are also available but generally, they have a satin sheen. The better the quality of acrylic paint the more pigment it has in the mix, making the colour more vibrant and alive. 

At times, depending on the surface, one may need to put a layer of primer or sealer to make the colour profile stay closer to the original state or for the paint to bind with the surface better.

Removing Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is tough to get off but it can be removed using agents such as acetone. Although, using acetone would lift off everything, one cannot use it to remove only selective layers.

It is advisable to wash one's brushes just after use; if the paint sets it will be a lot more difficult to remove it.


One can buy the colour set or get individual tubes, this depends on what kind of work they are about to make and the colours and quantity of colours they need.

Many different brands make acrylic paint. The price depends on what brand it is and could possibly be more if it is a special kind of colour. Marie's is a more affordable brand, while Winsor & Newton is an expensive high-end brand.

Price List

Model Price
Acrylic Colour Paints Rs. 430
Blank Canvas Board - 6 x 6 - Pack Of 5 - Best For… Rs. 449
M_G Acrylic Paints Pack of 24 High Quality Acryli… Rs. 1,199
Keep Smiling Acrylic Colour Paints - Pack of 12 Rs. 449
Marie's Pack of 6 Special Color Acrylic Paint Tub… Rs. 1,499
Pack Of 12 Multi Shapes High Quality Nylon Profes… Rs. 545
Maries Acrylic Paints 75 Ml Per Tube - Pack Of 7 … Rs. 1,399
Blank Canvas Board - 6 x 6 - Pack Of 5 - Best For… Rs. 449
Pack Of 24 - Acrylic Paints - Reeves Rs. 2,699
Artisan - Combo Pack Of 2: 12pcs Acrylic Paint Tu… Rs. 849
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