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Compare 6,148 prices from 72 stores.

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One of the essential ingredients and foods used across the board is butter, breakfast would not be complete without having butter on one's toast. The Adam's Butter can be bought with salt and without as well.


Adam's is a brand that makes many different dairy products, including butter. One form of Adam's butter is salted so one gets a bit more flavour than plain butter. In case you want to avoid any extra salt Adam's also has the Unsalted White Butter, which would be a healthier option for some.

This butter is locally produced from fresh milk and is quality tested to guarantee purity.

Butter is most often used on toast that one is having for breakfast but is a part of many recipes as well. It can be used to fry things or added to desserts and other baked goods. The wide usage of butter makes it almost essential to have at home. The flavour it brings cannot be substituted by anything else.

The Adam's butter options are available for affordable prices.

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Adam's Unsalted White Butter, 1 KG Rs. 1,750
ADAM'S unsalted butter 1kg Rs. 1,560
American Garden Popcorn Butter 273g Rs. 1,150
Adams Cheddar Cheese Rs. 1,077
Adam's Desi Ghee 500g Rs. 2,650
Adam's Desi Ghee 1kg Rs. 2,030
Butter Rs. 3,095
American Garden Popcorn Extra Butter 273g Rs. 1,150
The Soul Food Almond Butter 200g Rs. 1,675
Adam's Desi Ghee 500gm Rs. 1,150