Adams Cheese

Compare 49 prices from 7 stores.

Compare 49 prices from 7 stores.


Rs. 210 - Rs. 4385


A local brand that has been producing cheese in Pakistan for decades. The Adam's cheese collection include cheddar, mozzarella and cottage cheese. The cheddar and mozzarella are also available in the form of cheese slices. The prices of their products are in the lower ranges.



A brand that has been in the cheese-making business since the early 1980s. Adam's realised there was a dearth of local producers and imported options were a lot more expensive. This lead to their team travelling to Italy, France and Denmark to understand how cheese is made.

Adam's also produces many other dairy products along with cheese.

Adam's cheese

The first option is cheddar, the slightly pungent cheese which is yellowish in colour. Mozzarella is their second option, which is a more stretchy cheese and is what is used on pizzas, pasta and lasagne.

Adam's also has a specific mix that is known as pizza cheese. This is made by mixing cheddar and mozzarella, giving it more flavour as cheddar is a slightly sharper cheese.

Cottage cheese is also available from Adam's. This is one of the most basic kinds of cheese and is not matured. Cottage cheese makes a great addition to salads in the form of small cubes. It is also a regular on cheese platters. The only slightly experimental cheese from Adam's is their chilli cheese. This is cheddar with garlic, onions and chilli mixed in to give it an extra layer of flavour.

Adam's cheese is also available in the form of cheese slices so one can use them in burgers and sandwiches with ease. The slices feature mozzarella, cheddar and a low-fat cheddar.


Adam's cheese has maintained a portion of the market for decades with a quality that has stayed. Their cheeses are available for lower-end prices.

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The best price of Adams Cheese in Pakistan is Rs. 210 and the estimated average price is Rs. 942.

Price List

Model Price
Adam Cheese Mozzarella Rs. 365
Adam Cheese Mozzarella (227G) Rs. 315
Adam Cheddar Cheese (1Kg) Rs. 735
Adam Cheddar Cheese (2Kg) Rs. 1,320
Adam Cheddar Cheese (227G) Rs. 295
Adam Chilli Cheese (227G) Rs. 210
Adam Cottage Cheese (227G) Rs. 220
Adam Pizza Cheese Large Rs. 660
Adam Cheddar Cheeese (Large) Rs. 475
Adam Cheddar Chees 12 Singles Rs. 305
Adam's Cheddar Cheese 907g Rs. 1,650
Adams Cheddar Cheese Slices Rs. 529
Adam's Cheddar Cheese 400g Rs. 1,055