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The best price of Adams Desi Ghee in Pakistan is Rs. 270 and estimated average price is Rs. 410.


A great option to cook in desi ghee is a lot healthier and also more flavourful. Adam's produces desi ghee among their range of edibles and it is made from pure and wholesome milk. The price of desi ghee is generally higher than other kinds of cooking oil options, as is the case with Adam's desi ghee.


Desi ghee is made from cream that is churned into butter and then the butter is simmered and the milk solids are browned a bit, this is what gives it its nutty flavour. After simmering, it is strained and the leftover liquid is the desi ghee.

One can find desi ghee from various brands, including Adam's. Adam's is known for making a lot of products related to dairy, such as cheese and yoghurt. The Adam's desi ghee is available in tins of a 1Kg or 500gms. One can choose the size that suits their needs.

Cooking food made in Adam's desi ghee would be a lot healthier than regular vegetable oils or banaspati. One of the biggest points is that it helps the digestive system and improves digestion. It even smokes at a higher degree so the chances of the oil burning are lesser, making it a better choice for frying.

Desi ghee will add more flavour to your food and it has also been used as part of Ayurvedic medicines as well as by hakeems.

The price of Adam's desi ghee is higher than regular oils as a lot more goes into the making of desi ghee.

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Model Price
Adam Desi Ghee (500G) Rs. 270
Adam Desi Ghee (1Kg) Rs. 550
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