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Compare 154 prices from 15 stores.

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Rs. 4299 - Rs. 58900


A well-known memory products brand, Adata produces RAM, hard drives, USBs and memory cards. The brand also has a small range of accessories and other products. The price of Adata products is in the lower to mid ranges. Some products, such as a hard drive with more space, would cost higher.



Started in 2001 by Simon Chen, Adata is a fabless brand based in Taiwan that mainly works in the memory product segment. Apart from that, the brand produces electronic powertrains, LED lights, mobile accessories, industrial memory solutions and a range of gaming-related products under the XPG label. There is also a casting device similar to Google Chromecast, called the MIGUcast.

More about Adata products

The memory products include RAM, internal SSDs, external HDDs and SSDs, USB flash drives, SD cards and microSD cards. The SSD has options for the regular standard as well as the M.2 NVMe version which is an even faster hard drive, prefered by people who are into gaming or have other heavy tasks to execute.

In the external hard drive line, the HDDs have larger space options, up to 8TB. A staggering amount of space for almost any user. The SSD versions have lesser space options with a max possible 2TB but are a lot faster with transfer rates.

For USBs, the brand has options for older ports as well as the Apple Lightning port. Certain models of USBs have both so one can use it with either port, making for a very convenient storage device for MAC users. The space varies, with 256GB being the highest possible amount.

The RAM also has variations of 8, 16 or 32GB. With options for notebooks as well as PCs.

Adata mobile accessories

For this segment, Adata has power banks, wall chargers, car chargers, wireless chargers and various cables for portable devices.


As a brand Adata would come on the second tier of memory products, just below Seagate and Western Digital. It is still widely used and many brands include components from it in their computers.

The quality of Adata products is good, with a well-regarded performance. The price is in the lower to mid-ranges, with some specific products costing more, such as a hard drive with larger space.


The best price of Adata in Pakistan is Rs. 4,299 and the estimated average price is Rs. 17,537.

Price List

Model Price
AData HD720 2TB Rs. 23,499
Adata HD720 1TB Rs. 16,500
AData Ultimate SU800 (1TB) SSD Rs. 20,999
Adata HD680 1TB Rs. 15,500
AData Ultimate SU900 (256GB) SSD Rs. 8,499
Adata HD650 1TB Rs. 15,000
AData Ultimate SU650 120GB Rs. 5,000
AData HD650 DashDrive Durable 1TB Rs. 16,499
Adata SD700 512GB Solid State Drive Rs. 14,499