Adata Usb Price in Pakistan

The best price of Adata Usb in Pakistan is Rs. 900 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,783.


A well-known memory products brand, Adata also produces USBs. There are quite a few options to choose from based on the USB-standard, storage space and design. Adata also has USBs that are resistant to dust, shock and water. The price of Adata USBs is in the lower ranges.


Among the top memory products brands, Adata also produces USBs in various storage capacities. 

Adata USBs

The USB range has options with the regular USB ports as well as Apple's Lightning port, some have a combo of multiple porting. This makes it an even more convenient device for usage.

The storage space has variants, with the 256GB options being the most space currently. The USB speed standards range between 2.0, 3.1 and 3.2, the higher the number the more speed one gets with their transfers. The USBs speed standard works if it is inserted into the complementing USB port in a computer. A higher standard in a lower port will not be able to give its maximum rates.

The designs of their range are simple with a minimal size so that portability is as easy as possible. Many of them have the ability to be put onto a keyring along with your keys.

If one needs a more rugged USB, Adata also has models which are water, dust and shock resistant. These would work well for people who have field work. 


Adata has high-quality products and has maintained a reputation for such in the market. It is a widely used brand by computers for internal components as well.

The price of Adata USBs is in the lower ranges, meaning more people can afford their quality.

Price List

Model Price
Adata 2tb Hd680 Usb 3.2 Gen1 Military-grade Shock… Rs. 20,599
Adata 32gb Usb Flash Drive Uv150 Black - 5 Years … Rs. 1,010
Adata 128gb Usb Flash Drive Uv128 Black - 5 Years… Rs. 1,919
32gb/64gb/128gb Adata USB Flash Drive UV128 Flip … Rs. 900
Adata UV350 Flash Drive 3.2 USB 64GB Rs. 2,399
Adata 32gb Usb Flash Drive Uv128 Black - 5 Years … Rs. 1,010
ADATA | SU750 - 256 GB Internal SATA SSD Rs. 7,350
Adata 64gb Usb Flash Drive Uv128 Black - 5 Years … Rs. 1,105
Adata S102 Pro 32GB USB Flash Drive Rs. 1,699
ADATA 128GB UV128 USB 3.2 Flash Drive (AUV128-128… Rs. 3,076
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