Addiction Body Spray

Compare 195 prices from 18 stores.

Compare 195 prices from 18 stores.

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Rs. 240 - Rs. 664485


Body spray is a regularly used product to keep one smelling good. The Addiction Body Spray comes with different options in scent and one can also get a combo pack to get a mix. The prices are relatively affordable.


Addiction Body Spray comes with extravagant smells, one can pick one of the sprays or get a combo pack that has multiple sprays. The combo pack also lets you switch up your scent regularly.

Generally, body spray is applied right after showering to keep the body smelling fresh. The Addiction Body Spray range would be a good choice for regular use, especially with the more accessible prices.

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The best price of Addiction Body Spray in Pakistan is Rs. 240 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,415.

Price List

Model Price
Nike Aromatic Addiction Men Body Spray 200ml Rs. 850
The One Body Luxuries Men Perfumed Body Spray - 2… Rs. 645
Admiral Body Spray Oud... Rs. 240
Axe Wild Spice Body Spray 150ml Rs. 695
Axe Deodorant Body Spray Musk 150Ml Rs. 820
Woman Body Spray (200 Ml ) Rs. 309
Body Luxuries Intense Perfumed Body Spray, For Wo… Rs. 800
Pack Of 6 Body Spray 200ml Each Rs. 1,799
Active Body Spray (Recc men) 200ml Rs. 750
Axe Musk Body Spray 150ml Rs. 695
Due Fragrance Body Spray (sports) 200 Ml Rs. 649
Body Luxuries Miracle Perfumed Body Spray, For Wo… Rs. 800