Aerosoft Pakistan

Compare 5 prices from 2 stores.

Compare 5 prices from 2 stores.


Rs. 68700 - Rs. 100300


Aerosoft is a footwear brand that has a focus on sandals, the designs are plenty as are the types. The soles of Aerosoft sandals are made with ample cushion for your feet, so extended wear doesn't tire you. This is an affordable brand, with prices in the lower ranges.



A Pakistani brand that is catering to the sandal segment in footwear. The focus of Aerosoft is to produce comfortable sandals for all. They have a range that includes various designs for sandals, these include beach sandals, indoor sandals, outdoor sandals and Peshawari chappals. There are options for men and women, both.

The design profile is simple with options that are made from various kinds of plastic-based materials such as rexine and polyester. The women's range has more flowers and patterns, while the men's options are simpler in feel.

Aerosoft has cushy soles for their sandals, this is so people's feet are comfortable in the sandals over extended periods.


The price of Aerosoft footwear is in the nominal ranges, making it an affordable brand for more people.

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The best price of Aerosoft Pakistan in Pakistan is Rs. 68,700 and the estimated average price is Rs. 81,340.

Price List

Model Price
Sero Sofa (Dark Beige) Rs. 68,700
Sero Sofa 2 Seater in Brown Fabric Rs. 100,300
Sero Sofa 1 Seater in Brown Fabric Rs. 68,700
Interwood Sero Sofa 2 Seater In Brown Fabric - Se… Rs. 100,300
Interwood Sero Sofa 1 Seater In Brown Fabric - Se… Rs. 68,700