Air Blower Price in Pakistan

The best price of Air Blower in Pakistan is Rs. 3,400 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,204.


Air blower machines are used in homes, factories, construction sites and large halls for a variety of reasons. They are essentially installed to help improve the ventilation system of any space because they quickly dry damp floors and carpets. They help cool and clean machines that run the risk of damage. Air blowers are adaptive and simple to use, they can clean dry and humid air.


Operation & Function

They clean the atmosphere of the space through the strong airflow mechanism that is available in a variety of sizes. The compact size and lightweight structure of air blowers make them ideal for frequent use as they are easily manageable in all kinds of climates and weather.

They provide reliable contaminant removal when used as vacuums, being able to clear surfaces by sucking dirt particles. As the airflow in blowers is adjustable, the reverse airflow capabilities can do both filling and evacuation. 

Air blowers can quickly remove built-up hot, stagnant, polluted air from the room. They can sterilize and eviscerate factory environments that have open products running on conveyor belts. Dust removing regenerative air blowers keep environments clean inside industrial areas. 

Types of Air Blowers

The electric blower, manual blower, and pneumatic versions are available in Pakistan. As well as the centrifugal, roots, and turbo blower. Each air blowers main function is designed according to the task they need to perform. Some only offer hot air while others are used as ventilation systems. The small air blowers are used for clearing outside areas covered with leaves, dust, dirt and litter.

These air blowers can melt snow, quickly dry dampness from walls, carpet and floors and are used for drying paint faster. Their suction capacities can be clean workspaces and the interior of a car. Drying large floors and carpets can be time-consuming causing unnecessary inconvenience. The air blowing mechanism is used so extensively in a vacuum cleaner that it is sold separately online so that they are easily replaceable. These machines can clean industrial pipes and plumbing with air electric high-pressure turbo airflow. 

A variety of mini air blowers are available online, they are built with high and low-pressure options. Mini air blower can perform a variety of tasks such as air blowing, fan blowing, or engine blowing depending on the requirements of the buyer. 

Industries that use Air Blowers

Fishing farms use hot air blowers for keeping their habitat clean and secure. Air blowers are used to pump air into inflatable jumping castles, bouncing obstacle jungle gyms, water sports slides and beds.

The air blowers used to maintain factory equipment will cool the machines with its strong airflow preventing it from overheating. These factory machines are constantly under the threat of heat damage and air blowers are a great way to ensure they are running on an optimum temperature.

Air blowers can save businesses in Pakistan thousands of rupees of production costs. The stable airflow ensures consistent quality is being maintained throughout the production line. To protect the health and safety of employees the air blower can exhaust heavy amounts of dust. They are built with durable and strong materials making them a long term investment for any factory or workplace. They have a strong filtration process that is great for cleaning cars.

Conventional Air Blower

The more traditional air blowers are free-standing as they directly draw air through their fan. The automobile radiator air blower fans are available in Propeller, Tubeaxial and Vaneaxial. They are installed to boost the exhaust system of the car by moving air through them. 

Brands that offer Air Blower

Companies that manufacture reliable and durable air blowers are Stanley, DeWalt, Ridged and Pakistan's local manufacturing company Jehangir Company known as Jasco.

Price List

Model Price
Prescott Aspirator 650W Hand Portable Air Electri… Rs. 7,499
Crown Air Blower 550W CT17013 Rs. 4,120
Makute Portable Air Blower PB004... Rs. 3,999
Crown Air Blower 710W CT17010 Rs. 5,650
Portable Air Blower Rs. 3,400
Prescott 800watt hand portable air electric blower Rs. 6,500
Prescott 650w hand portable air electric blower Rs. 6,500
MAKITA Makita – Air Blower – SA Rs. 11,779
Dawer Air Blower 600W, #DW1101 Rs. 6,390
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