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Compare 91 prices from 3 stores.

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Air compressors can be used for many different tasks. The more common uses being the powering of pneumatic tools or to fill air into tyres. The mass of air a compressor can move and the pressure it can create vary, these are important things to consider depending on your requirements. The 3 main types of air compressors also have their advantages and disadvantages, it is important to pick the right one for your situation.


Uses of an air compressor

Air compressors can be used for a variety of applications from powering pneumatic tools to filling the air in a tyre. Working on slightly different methods they essentially push more and more air into a storage tank thus pressurising it, which could be an external tank or an internal smaller space that builds pressure and releases it continuously. The stored air can be later used as required and also manage a more fixed pressure of airflow in case there is a specifically required capacity.

Mass and pressure

The unit to measure how much the mass of the airflow being pushed out is CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), this is not for the volume of air compressed but the mass of the air flowing each minute. Different compressors have lower or higher power ratings as some tools need a fixed low-level pressure and others possibly need the opposite. The PSI (Pounds per Cubic Inch) measures the amount of pressure a compressor can produce during compression.

Reciprocating compressors

The three most common air compressors are the reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane ones. In application there isn't much difference but how they work varies. The reciprocating compressors are often found in mobile applications as they are easier to service/repair with simple hand tools. Being the most common between the 3 they are produced by many companies and also have the cheapest initial cost. The oil level in these needs to be just right as being over the level means there will be oil carry over into the air being supplied. This can ruin the tools being used or insert oil into the painting gun, which will essentially ruin your work.

Rotary screw and rotary vane compressors

The rotary screw based compressors are the most expensive ones and are built to be running continuously. Known for a longer life they have fewer moving parts, this allows for the long life. rotary screw compressors also have another advantage they don't need an air receiver tank to store the air. At the same time the downside being that they needing a specific kind of oil during maintenance to keep them running well. Rotary vane compressors also have fewer moving parts and are the smallest in size in comparison of power output. These are also designed for continuous duty and provide air with very little pulsation in the flow. Rotary vane compressors are also cheaper initially even though not many companies produce these.

Picking the right kind

As the uses are many from orbital sanders or a nail gun on till spray painting it is good to take into account the purchase price, ease of use, cost of maintenance, size, availability of parts, airflow and longevity to get the right one for your work. The more powerful the tools in use are the more CFM and PSI they will require to operate at optimum levels.

Regular maintenance is important if you want to keep them at maximum capacity.

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The best price of Air Compressor in Pakistan is Rs. 29,400 and the estimated average price is Rs. 129,267.

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Ingco AC1200508 Air compressor Rs. 124,738
Ingco ACS175241 Air compressor Rs. 59,400
Ingco ACS112501 Air compressor Rs. 66,330
Ingco AC1301008 Air compressor Rs. 143,746
INGCO Air Compressor – AC301008 Rs. 238,240
Ingco Air Compressor AC20248 Rs. 92,070
Ingco Air Compressor AC25508 Rs. 95,040
INGCO Air Compressor – AC300508 Rs. 214,800
Ingco Air Compressor AC553001 Rs. 389,860
Ingco Air Compressor AC755001 Rs. 542,320
Prescott Air Compressor PAS5002L Rs. 127,565
Ingco Air Compressor AC402001 Rs. 473,218