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There is a lot of demand for air conditioners in Pakistan as it is generally a warm country; they are especially useful for the humid regions. One can find air conditioners in various power ranges and with a lot of different features as well. Many brands are available in the market, some are expensive and others produce more accessible options. Picking the correct one is a matter of the size of your space and your budget.


Air Conditioners

A device that is designed to cool the air and keep the temperature of the room maintained to what a user has set it at. There are a lot of air conditioners in the market, some are produced locally and other options are imported. Locally produced air conditioners are of good quality as well and are more economical to purchase. Overall the running cost is not too different from the imported options. The difference comes in the build quality and lifespan of the appliance. With local options, there is another advantage that one has access to better aftermarket services.

The major difference between options is their tonnage, this is the rating that lets you know how powerful an air conditioner is. Tonnage varies from 1 to 4; 4-ton air conditioners are more often the floor standing units used for large spaces and are not installed onto a wall.

Features of air conditioners

Today it is very common to have air conditioners that can be linked up to your WiFi, this lets you control them from your smartphone. The apps let you turn them off or on even when you are not at home. Another great plus is that the apps let you know how much power your air conditioner is consuming, this helps keep an eye on your electric bill.

The cooling mechanism needs gas to function and many of the brands are using more eco-friendly refrigerant gasses such as 'R410'. Inverter air conditioners are another common type, these have a system that can regulate the speed of the compressor; this lets it slow down the compressor when it is not needed at full capacity. Older models had fixed speeds for compressors meaning they were consuming a lot more electricity by running at high speeds even when it was not needed. 

As Pakistan has fluctuating electric supplies, brands have made models which can compensate for this so their devices do not get damaged. Other features include a variation of the airflow; certain air conditioners have a 50-foot throw and have modes such as 3D or 4D. These extra modes help spread the air better so a more substantial space is covered with ease. The outside units are coated with paint that helps save them from weather-related damage that happens over time.

If one wants to rely on a single appliance for summer and winter, there are also air conditioners that can function as heaters for the colder months.


Air conditioners are made by a host of brands, well-known brands include Daikin, Mitsubishi, Orient, Gree, Enviro, Samsung, Pel, Kenwood, Dawlance, Changhong Ruba, Carrier, Haier just to name a few.

This appliance is generally available starting at a mid-range price and all the way to a very expensive range. The local options are comparatively more affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Orient 1.0 Ton Air Conditioner Beta-12 Rs. 87,590
PEL PINVO 18K ACE Inverter Air Conditioner Rs. 87,909
Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton AR18MQFRBWKN Rs. 89,000
TCL TAC-12CS/X31 Elite Series Split Air Condition… Rs. 89,800
Gaba National (GNS-1613HD) 1.0 Ton Split Air Cond… Rs. 90,101
Gaba National Split Air Conditioner 1.0 Ton White… Rs. 90,101
Gaba National GNS-1819M 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditi… Rs. 90,913
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Compare 906 prices from 27 stores.

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