Air Curtain Price in Pakistan

The best price of Air Curtain in Pakistan is Rs. 44,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 59,269.


Air curtains help keep outside air out. The inside may be air-conditioned and an air curtain helps maintain the temperature by creating a blockage at the entry door. Available at relatively nominal prices, air curtains help conserve energy on the heating and cooling.


What is an air curtain

A device that puts out a continuous stream of air over a door; this keeps conditioned air in and doesn't let outside air come in. Air curtains also help in keeping insects out by making the entry point too turbulent for them to fly through. They are usually installed over a door that remains open for more time, thus saving on the buildings heating and cooling systems by helping maintain temperature. A common place one finds them is at the entrance at superstores.

It will take a while to pay off though, the initial investment may not make sense. An air curtain's effectiveness in preventing infiltration through the entrance ranges from 60 to 80 percent.

Air curtains are available at relatively mid-range prices, the size does affect the price. What size one needs to install depends on the size of the door in question. Known brands producing them include Caravell, Carrier and Esquire.

Price List

Model Price
Esquire 1209 TY/5G Air Curtain 3-feet Rs. 44,000
Esquire 3518 H/Y Air Curtain 6-feet Rs. 71,000
FIRENZI 3512 B-LYSS Air Curtain 4 Feet Rs. 55,000
Esquire 3509 H/Y Air Curtain 3-feet Rs. 44,000
Esquire 1212 TY/5G Air Curtain 4-feet Rs. 48,000
Esquire 1215 T/Y5G Air Curtain 5-Feet Rs. 63,000
Esquire 1218T/YG5 Air Curtain 6-feet Rs. 72,000
FIRENZI 3518 B-LYSS Air Curtain Rs. 88,000
Esquire 1209T/YG5 Air Curtain 3-feet Rs. 44,000
Panasonic Air Curtain 4 Feet with Door Sensor Rs. 53,000
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