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Compare 410 prices from 19 stores.

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Ambient fragrances like aerosol sprays, fresheners and incense etc create a fragrant and pleasant environment. Some good quality options are based on pure formulae and help purify the air. Check air freshener prices on this page and read on for more information.


Ambient fresheners come in sprays, pumps, manual, diffuser, incense, automatic, potpourri, candles, gels, electric options and more. 

Aerosol Spray Cans

The most commonly used form of ambient freshener in Pakistani households, the sprays are easily available online. You can buy them from various brands in different types of fragrances, sizes and a Rooh al Arab, Airwick, Glade, Ozium are some of the best selling brands that are also quite affordable.

Pot Pourri

One of the best and safest ambient fresheners, this ancient dried flower decoration is still widely used around the world. It was originally an assortment of dried flowers and plant materials which were scented and placed in a bowl or pot. Today potpourris are made out of artificial flowers as well plant materials and are made fragrant using artificial floral scents. Over time the fragrance may lighten and to make it strong again using synthetic scents can lend the potpourri a fresh and pleasant smell. However, you would need a fixative such as orris root so that the scent is absorbed for slow release. 

Car Air Freshener

To cleanse and purify the inside environment of the car, you can place dashboard perfume or ambient freshener bottles that come in beautiful shapes and cases. Some are designed to automatically pump a bit of freshener after every some time or as per user preference. The quantity and timing can be customized.

Arabian Bukhoor 

The Arab version of air fresheners is called Bukhoor that is more long-lasting and stronger in fragrance than regular freshener sprays. These are ambient fragrances that are used in common households, offices and restaurants for perfuming the whole area. A scented block that is available in various fragrances is placed in an incense burner or diffuser to release the perfume through burning it on charcoal. The process exudes a dense fragrant smoke that engulfs the entire space. Bakhoor is also used for aromatherapy.

Safety Concerns

Most fresheners can emit air pollutants that are hazardous for humans and the environment. Even if a brand claims to produce organic and green ambient fresheners, use these products with caution. They are known to cause several health issues like infant illnesses, migraines, asthmatic attacks and respiratory illnesses. The best option is natural fragrances that have no added chemicals to them.

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The best price of Air Freshener in Pakistan is Rs. 399 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,451.

Price List

Model Price
Toilet Air Freshener Pack Of 12 . Air Freshener Rs. 1,200
Fresco Air Freshener Rs. 640
Toilet Air Freshener / Bathroom Freshener Rs. 399
Kingtox Toilet Air Freshener Pack Of 4 Toilet Air… Rs. 460
Automatic Air Freshener Machine / Perfume Dispens… Rs. 2,300
Air Freshener Dispenser Rs. 3,500
Febreze Air Freshener, Lavender, 300ml Rs. 1,130
Automatic Air Freshener Machine / Perfume Dispens… Rs. 2,800
Automatic Air Freshener Machine Perfume Dispenser… Rs. 2,600