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The best price of Air Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 6,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 24,127.


Air fryers work well if you are trying to find a healthier option to frying your food in a pan. A device designed to cook with a bare minimum quantity of oil. Using high-temperature air to warm the oil so it starts to sizzle. The extra fat or oil will drip off the food in the basket to the bottom tray, thus not ending up inside your gut. Given how it functions the cooking time is a little longer than the conventional method.

Pros & Cons


  • Uses very less oil

  • Makes food nice and crisp


  • Longer cooking times


How an air fryer works

Using the convection heating method that involves air circulating inside the unit, an air fryer technically doesn't fry the food it uses this hot air to cook the food and give it a crispy taste and toasty brown colour. The food goes into a basket and as it is cooked the excess fat drips into a pan below, that oil that drips away would have ended up being consumed at least most of it if not all of it.

The healthier option

The process the air fryer employs uses a lot less oil to begin with too, as a thin layer of oil is applied to the food instead of it being immersed in a vat of hot oil like in traditional fryers. Some kinds of oils are beneficial but still better off getting that advantage from foods not fried in it. Maybe some olive oil on your salad would do better there. Less oil also means fewer calories which is helpful for those looking to lose weight, while still being able to enjoy some fried food without maxing your calorie intake is a blessing; in the form of an air fryer.

Cooking times

There is a difference in the cooking time, so if fries take about 6 minutes in a deep fryer in an air fryer they would take around 12. Deep-fried chicken takes about 15 to 20 minutes and in the air fryer it would take up to 25 minutes. This being the one slight drawback. 

An air fryer can only do so much

If a healthier lifestyle is what you are aiming for, just buying an air fryer won't change too much. You will also need to keep an eye on what you eat and the quantity of consumption. Philips, Black & Decker and Anex produce air fryers with varied designs and price ranges.

Price List

Model Price
WestPoint Air Fryer WF5254 Rs. 27,400
WestPoint WF-5258 Oven Toaster with Air Fryer Rs. 33,400
WestPoint Air Fryer WF-5257 Rs. 43,000
Anex AG-2019 Air Fryer Rs. 18,970
Westpoint WF-5254 Deluxe Air Fryer Rs. 20,880
Kenwood Royal Swiss XL Digital Screen Air Fryer Rs. 20,500
Nikai 7L Air Fryer Rs. 33,950
Anex AG- 2019- Air Fryer- Black Rs. 19,831
Philips Air Fryer – HD9220 Rs. 27,900
Air Fryer - GN-3522G Rs. 23,000
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