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Compare 62 prices from 14 stores.

Compare 62 prices from 14 stores.

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Air Purifiers help make the air around you clean and free of bacteria or harmful germs. Some of these purifiers can be very expensive but are worth the price for the function they provide. The idea is to buy the right type of purifier for your homes or offices so that it can effectively do its job. Let's take a look at the best and worst type of air purifiers that you can get online at varied prices in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • Purifies air

  • Eliminates allergens

  • Produces calm noise

  • Increases air circulation

  • Removes triggers for Asthma

  • Reduces carbon dioxide levels

  • Eliminate odours and pet dander

  • Traps cigarette and tobacco smoke

  • Removes free radicals that can age the skin

  • Helps in slowing down the skin ageing process

  • Gets rid of bugs and dangerous insects like mosquitoes


  • High maintenance cost

  • Ozone air purifiers produce ozone gas

  • Unkept appliances can lead to serious health issues


The Need

Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors. The air inside needs to be clean and the house should be well ventilated to bring in the fresh air. Some homes and offices tend to be more polluted than the outside environment for having little to no ventilation. The low level of ventilation makes the air inside the homes trap pollutants like airborne allergens, bacteria, dust particles etc.

Gases created by gas stoves, wood, fireplaces and gas space heaters also get trapped in the air and can be inhaled and result in serious health concerns. This makes the inside air polluted and not at all healthy or comfortable for breathing. An air-purifying device is a great way to effectively remove pollution and purify the air you breathe in. 

More Effective Than Insecticides

A purifier can effectively eliminate all harmful insects and the germs caused by them. They are more effective than mosquito killing lamps and insect sprays as these can contain chemicals that are not good for the environment.

Peaceful Sleep

While these appliances remove allergens and purify the air, they also produce a soothing sound that muffles the outside noise and helps you sleep better. 

Humidifiers Vs Air Purifiers

Many people confuse Humidifiers with Purifiers. While humidifiers only create mist and add moisture to the surroundings, purifiers clean the environment and remove harmful pollutants, airborne infectants and dust particles. 

Affordable Brands in Pakistan

Goglor, Haier, Sharp, Xiaomi Smartmi, Beurer, Nobico and Crown are some of the brands selling good quality and affordable air purifiers in Pakistan. 

The Best Type

Purifiers come in 7 basic types; HEPA, Odor eliminator, UV, Photocatalyst, Air ionizer, Electrostatic precipitators and Ozone generator. The best type is hands down the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) air purifier as they are capable of capturing up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. They are also considered safe for children and newborns.

If you have smokers in the house, your best bet would be an air-purifying machine with both HEPA filters and Charcoal Based Activated Carbon filter. The charcoal pellets effectively remove air pollutants as well as second-hand smoke from your household more than any other type can.

The activated carbon filter will also get rid of unwanted smells in your house. Opt for a HEPA purifier with UV light/ ionizer and avoid the dedicated UVGI ionizer variety.

The Worst Type

Avoid unsafe air purifiers that use Ozone Generators and Ionizers. They are not at all safe for babies and can produce multiple health hazards in even adults. 

Car Air Purifiers

There is also an in-car variety available that can be used to purify the air inside your car. Such devices use a USB cable to connect to the power source in your car. They can also be recharged with a USB cable.

Purification Time

It takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours for this appliance to purify the air in a room. Experts hold the opinion that if you stay indoors most of the time then the purifiers should be kept running 24 hours a day for effective removal of pollutants. 


It is ideal to place the air-purifying machine away from electronics that run on similar wavelengths such as microwaves, televisions and stereo equipment. Placing it near them may cause interference. For optimal efficiency, keep a few feet of clearance at the front, top and sides of the appliance for unobstructed air circulation.


The filters of this appliance are the key to the peaceful breathing of pure air in the house. If you allow the filters to become clogged with pollutants, this will render your appliance ineffective and useless. Your purifier comes with a manual that includes the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintaining the appliance. Generally, you need to replace HEPA and carbon filters annually while the washable variety needs to be cleaned every ten days or so. 

Safety Tips

1. Choose the right size that is suitable for the size of your room.

2. Choose a place where there is unobstructed air circulation.

3. Modern air purifiers are energy efficient so you can keep them on all day long.

4. Keep the windows and doors closed for increased efficiency.

5. Avoid the dedicated UVGI ionizer and the ozone generator variety at all costs.

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The best price of Air Purifier in Pakistan is Rs. 44,995 and the estimated average price is Rs. 123,062.

Price List

Model Price
Sharp Air Purifier FU-A80Y-N Rs. 178,000
Samsung Air Purifier AX40R3030WM Rs. 185,000
Samsung Air Purifier AX60R5080WD Rs. 155,000
Sharp Air Purifier KC-F30 Rs. 85,000
Sharp Air Purifier FP-F40Y-T Rs. 85,000
Sharp Air Purifier FP-J60Y-W Rs. 138,000
Philips Air Purifier AC0820/30 Rs. 58,999
Sharp Air Purifier KC-G40 Rs. 155,000
Philips AC2729/90 2000i Air Purifier and Humidifi… Rs. 119,999