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Compare 217 prices from 16 stores.

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A well known Dubai based perfume brand with roots in India, Ajmal Perfumery was founded by the Late Haji Ajmal Ali who hailed from Assam, India. What began as a small Oudh trade family business in 1950 is now an empire and one of the most successful perfume business in the world. If you are looking for authentic Arabian perfumes for men and women, check out Ajmal perfumes prices in Pakistan here on this page and read on for a selection of the finest by the brand.


Product Line

Apart from fragrances for women and men, Ajmal also has a range of beautiful fragrances for your home. Home fragrances are derived from the industry favourite Oudh Agarwood and come in the form of Bakhoor, Incense and Room Fresheners. There are also attars, natural concentrated oils and extracted oils in the product range that reach the customers in the form of Eau de Toilettes, Eau de Parfums, in Soaps and Shampoos. 

Quality & Ingredients

This is a well-known fact that Ajmal perfumery uses high-quality natural ingredients in curating its products. The quality is great as is the longevity of the perfumes. This is the reason for the brand's popularity that it now sells in over 30 different countries and has more than 150 retail outlets across the globe including Pakistan.

Best Ajmal Perfumes for Women

1. Ajmal Aurum for Women EDP (floral, fruity)

2. Amber Wood

3. Abia Noir

4. Evoke

5. Bling Noir

Best Ajmal Perfumes for Men

1. Dahn Al Oudh Hikaaya (woody, nutty)

2. Dahn Oudh Al-Shams (woody, spicy)

3. Aristocrat For Men

4. Evoke Gold Edition

5. Mystic Verve

Best Unisex Perfumes by Ajmal

1. Ajmal Violet Musc (floral, musky)

2. Dahn Al Oudh Al Nuwayra

3. 1001 Nights Attar

4. Dahn Al Oudh Al Moattaq

5. Patchouli Wood

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The best price of Ajmal Perfumes in Pakistan is Rs. 2,481 and the estimated average price is Rs. 10,462.

Price List

Model Price
Afnan Fakhar Al Jamal Perfume Oil 26 ml Rs. 4,290
Ajmal Alia Perfume For Women Rs. 12,000
Ajmal Blu Perfume 100ml Rs. 7,580
Ajmal Signify Perfume For Women Rs. 7,740
Ajmal Oudesire Perfume For Unisex Rs. 56,100
Ajmal Avid Perfume For Men Rs. 6,480
Ajmal Evoke Perfume For Women Rs. 10,760
Ajmal Amaya Perfume For Women Rs. 7,312
Ajmal Izara Perfume For Women Rs. 4,755