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The best price of Ajwa Dates in Pakistan is Rs. 1,750 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,568.


One of the many kinds of dates, Ajwa are cultivated in Madinah. With many health benefits, Ajwa dates should be eaten regularly. Available at a more expensive price in comparison to other dates.


The Ajwa date

Cultivated in Madinah, the Ajwa date is one of the more well-known types of date palm fruit. One of the major reasons being that The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has spoken of the health benefits of the Ajwa dates. Dates, generally, have been cultivated for many millennia. Ajwa dates are smaller in size and are a more dry soft kind of date; similar to Mabroom and Medjool dates.

Health benefits of Ajwa dates

The fruit from date palms is high in energy, it is full of natural sugars, vitamins and minerals. Benefits of regular consumption include the improvement of digestion and heart health due to the fibre. Being rich in magnesium means they also work as an anti-inflammatory, reduce the chances of a stroke and help reduce blood pressure. The vitamin B6 helps boost brain health. Due to the large percentage of minerals, it also helps with bone health. The high levels of iron make them a great food for people who suffer from anaemia. Also, potassium is one of the main ingredients in an improved healthy and responsive nervous system, a mineral that Ajwa dates contain.

These benefits occur in people who are eating this superfood in mild quantities regularly; as is the case with most organic or herbal health boosters. Ajwa dates are from a higher price point.

Price List

Model Price
Al-Hilal Ajwa Dates, 400g Rs. 1,750
S.N. Ajwa Dates 400g Rs. 2,275
Premium Quality Imported Medina Ajwa Dates | Khaj… Rs. 1,750
S.N. Ajwa Dates Special 800g Rs. 4,500
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