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AKG equipment is used a lot in the music industry, from live venues to recording studios. With a wide range in prices which makes it an accessible brand for most people; few brands provide good quality at a lower price. There are also the more high-end options that cost more, so it really gives one multiple options.


About AKG the brand

AKG is an acoustic engineering company that was set up in Austria in 1947; started by two physicists Dr Rudolf Görike and Ernest Plass. Currently, it is owned by Harman International Industries which is a division of the electronics giant Samsung. In 2010, AKG was also awarded a Grammy for their technical aid in the music industry! As of 2017, the AKG brand headquarters are based in California, USA.

AKG is one of the leading brands when it comes to microphones and headphones.

Range of professional AKG headphones

The AKG headphone K-line has classics that have been used by many artists over the years and even today they are in used by many studios and live concert or festival venues. The ones in studios are 'reference headphones' and provide the flattest possible sound, so you hear the audio as it is without any equalizing or effects. This comes in handy when a musician or producer is trying to sculpt the various audio layers of a song, so they fit well together without causing the song to be 'muddy' due to frequencies overlapping too much. A crucial tool, along with a pair of monitoring speakers these are really helpful in adding production value to your work.

AKG also has headphones that are a big hit with many DJs today for when they perform live. These headphones are well built and deliver good sound quality with enough noise cancelling which are key elements in being useful for a performance environment. The cord is also removable so while packing that part of the wire doesn't keep getting bent and eventually break over time as is often the case. For live performers, there is the option of a coiled cable so it is easier to move about as it stretches and doesn't get yanked out easily. Despite the fact that these headphones are built with an edge for professionals they are available at a lower price point too, but of course, there would be a difference in quality with the different prices.

Other AKG headphones

Aside from the more serious professional headphones, AKG also has various models that are geared for listeners, again with a wide range that also comes at different price points. Available in various designs and sizes of earcup, so you can choose which style fits you best. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and the added feature of being able to answer calls that is controlled by a single button. In line with the smartphone world, Samsung has used AKG's technical advancements to tune their own earphones and built-in speakers that come in their newer models.

AKG microphones

AKG microphones are common in most studios, especially their C414 condenser microphone that is very well known. The brand has a range of condenser, dynamic, tube, boundary layer and drum-kit microphones. There are also options for headset microphones, giving one free hands if they need to play an instrument or so. These different microphones are used for different purposes, the rang gives users options to purchase something specific to their work.

The other mic that is as famous as their C141 is the egg-shaped D112, which is a dynamic and is used a lot for the kick drum in the industry.

Overall, the quality of AKG microphones is top tier, they are used in the studio industry from home studios to professional studios. They are also used for movies and other professional-grade work.


AKG headphones have also developed 2 lines in coalition with celebrities. One with Quincy Jones, a legendary musician and producer who has worked with the likes of Sinatra and Michael Jackson. The other with a legendary DJ by the name of Tiesto.

AKG products are high quality with great performance and build. The designs are simple with function being the focus. Still, the look is sleek as well.

The prices of AKG products vary, some are not as costly, while others are from a way higher price point.

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The best price of Akg in Pakistan is Rs. 4,590 and the estimated average price is Rs. 48,883.

Price List

Model Price
AKG In-Ear Handsfree High Quality – Black Rs. 4,590
AKG K52 Closed-Back Headphone Rs. 22,000
AKG K92 Closed-Back Studio Headphones Rs. 29,500
AKG K72 Closed-Back Studio Headphones Rs. 26,000
AKG K 240 MK II Professional Stereo Headphones Rs. 23,000
AKG K92 | Closed-back headphones Rs. 29,000
AKG K52 | Closed-back Studio Headphones Rs. 22,000
AKG K52 Closed-Black Studio Headphones Rs. 23,500
AKG K182 Professional Closed-Back Monitor Headpho… Rs. 65,000
AKG K72 Closed-Back Studio Headphones Rs. 26,000
AKG K 44 Headphone Rs. 12,500
AKG K92 Closed-Back Studio Headphones Rs. 29,500