Akg Headphones Price in Pakistan

The best price of Akg Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 12,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,077.


A commonly used brand, AKG has a great reputation in the market. AKG headphones are used by many professional artists and engineers. There are a lot of good options, from headphones for professionals to headphones for the average listener. One can choose based on their needs. The prices also vary depending on what you choose. It could be something affordable or expensive as well.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable build

  • Good design

  • Balanced sound


An internationally recognised brand AKG is known for producing some of the best microphones and headphones in the market. AKG is owned by Harman International Industries, which in turn is owned by Samsung. This is also why Samsung has AKG tuned headphones.

AKG has also been awarded a Grammy for their work in the audio industry.

Professional AKG headphones

The K-line from AKG is a classic, it is used by many artists on stage and in the studio as well. The Studio headphones are called reference headphones, these provide a 'flat' sound, letting you hear the sound as it is. This gives engineers and artists a real picture, letting them go in and sculpt things better which is a very important step when mixing and mastering.

AKG has a lot of headphones which are a hit with many of the top-performing DJs today. These come with a coiled cable allowing the performer to move around and dance easier. The cord itself can be detached from the headphones, which makes it a lot easier to pack without getting damaged. 

Other AKG headphones

Other than the professional headphones, AKG produces headphones in various designs for listeners. One can choose from earbuds and headphones. There are wireless and wired options, both also have the ability to answer calls while you are using them with your smartphone. 

AKG has also developed lines with celebrities in the music industry. One is with Quincy Jones, a producer who has worked with people like Sinatra and Michael Jackson. The second is a modern legend, the DJ known as Tiesto.

For work or gaming environments they also produce headsets that have the small boom-mic extension. This works better than inline-mics, providing a clearer voice quality. Letting you answer calls in call centres or plan strategy with your teammates in gaming scenarios.

Design profile

The form is fitted to be functional, with a minimal design profile keeping their products looking slick. The comfort and balance which AKG works on are crucial to how one experiences their music or other media. A lot of the brand's headphones are in black, with trims of other colours. Some headphones do have other colour options as well.


Another advantage with AKG is that they have a broad range of prices covered. One can find a pair of cheaper headphones and also a high-end option. This lets more people have access to their aural technology.

Price List

Model Price
AKG K52 Closed-back Studio Headphone Rs. 20,500
AKG K81 DJ On-Ear Closed-Back DJ Headphones Rs. 14,000
AKG Q460 Mini On Ear Headphones Black Rs. 15,999
AKG K375 Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphon… Rs. 13,499
AKG K72 Closed-Back Studio Headphones Rs. 24,500
AKG K92 Closed-Back Studio Headphones Rs. 25,500
AKG K 99 Pro Audio Headphone Rs. 19,500
AKG K619 Premium DJ Headphones Black Rs. 16,499
AKG K52 Closed-Back Headphone Rs. 20,500
AKG K375 Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphon… Rs. 13,499
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